The Top Three Action Packed Films

by Nolan James – Staff Reporter

die hard

3. Die Hard (1988) – A huge pioneer for the action genre was Die Hard, an impressive film with an engaging story and relentless action. Taking the genre more seriously than previous action films, Die Hard spawned a long and profitable series, but the first film still stands out as the best. The film boasts a running time of well over two hours, which was very uncommon for action movies at the time, but the movie never lets up and keeps the viewer on their feet throughout. Die Hard stars Bruce Willis as a cop against the terrorist Hans Gruber, played by the recently deceased Alan Rickman, who has taken over the Nakatomi corporation tower. The film has aged remarkably well and remains a classic action film, and a very re-watchable one at that.


2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) – One of the most important films of all time with its groundbreaking CGI effects, T2: Judgment Day took what its predecessor did to a whole new level. While the first Terminator film is probably a better-made movie with a more detailed and cohesive story, Terminator 2 is a much more competent action film, with extremely fast-paced action and impressive stunts. Schwarzenegger returns as the Terminator in this sequel, but unlike his role as the cold, emotionless villain in the first film, Schwarzenegger’s Terminator plays the role of the protagonist in this movie, protecting Sarah Connor and her son, John Connor, from an advanced cyborg killer, the T-1000, played by Robert Patrick. T2: Judgment Day may not be the most story-focused movie, but there are plenty of touching moments throughout, and the ending will leave the viewer crying.

raiders 2

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) – Out of all these movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark is the least of an action film. However, it is probably the best due to its great story, fantastic performances, and classic soundtrack by John Williams. Harrison Ford plays his iconic role as Indiana Jones for the first time in this action-adventure film, trying to stop the Nazis from finding and using the legendary Ark of the Covenant. The film is rather comedic, with many hilarious tongue-in-cheek moments, but it has plenty of serious scenes as well. Raiders of the Lost Ark boasts great performances from its actors, impressive, though sometimes gory, graphics, and a well thought out story. Its action scenes, though there are not as many of them in this film, are very impressive and exciting as Indiana Jones fights with his archenemy, René Belloq, played by Paul Freeman, who has teamed with the Nazis to find the religious Ark. This film remains a classic in a legendary series of action films.

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