The Magic Warble Appeals to Fans of Fantasy

by Fiona Higgins – Staff Reporter

Literature is always evolving, always producing new and exciting forms of adventures and stories. Still, some yearn for the days of more simplistic storylines or an imaginative fairytale-like universe. For those who wish for these types of books, The Magic Warble is for you.
Published in 2009, this book centers on Kristina Kingsly, a girl wishing that her life as an easily picked on twelve-year-old would turn around for the better. However, when she is given a small magical object- the Magic Warble- she is transported to a fantasy land full of new possibilities called Bernovem. Along her journey to return the Warble to its proper place in the world, she comes across all sorts of fantastical creatures like talking animals, gnomes, elves and fairies. Kristina learns how to defend herself and others as she goes on her quest, after being threatened by the evil Queen Sentiz and her minions, and in the end learns how to make her place in the world.
This book could be compared fondly to other novels like The Chronicles of Narnia, for its unique fantasy world and simple yet engaging plot. The characters are interesting and compelling, and the world is that which we have not heard of before, meaning we get to discover it along with Kristina. In addition, it is especially nice to see a story in which a female character becomes stronger over the course of the story rather than being reduced to a helpless damsel. Kristina is very much the heroine of her story, and saves others as many times as others save her. She remembers what she learns instead of forgetting it instantly, and uses the lessons taught to her to apply to her life in the normal world. Even better, though she gets caught up in a bit of a love story, it is very innocent and kept smaller so that it doesn’t overtake the plot.
The Magic Warble is only the first book in a series of three, meaning that once you finish this story you can continue with even more adventures. Anybody that loves fantasy will adore this book and the ones that follow, since for a reader of fiction, discovering brand new worlds will never get old.

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