Tennis Team Eager to Begin Spring Season

by Emma Hartvickson – Staff Reporter

As a start to an upcoming spring, our girl’s tennis team began their first practice. They are very excited and eager to start the season. Varsity players Hallie Fredricks and Amber Smith explain what their favorite part of tennis is, “I like practicing in the snow,” Fredricks said, and a teammate she wanted to recognize as a great addition to the team is Amy Bender. Smith said, “My favorite part of tennis is seeing my teammate’s every day.” She wants to recognize Emily Kruse as another great addition to the team. According to, Andre Agassi, a retired professional tennis player talks about the experiences he has had in tennis, “In tennis you’re on an island. Of all the games men and women play, tennis is the closest to solitary confinement,” Agassi says in his autobiography, “Open”. Tennis is acknowledgeable as one of the most difficult sports, grabbing hold of both the body and the mind. The game is mental, but players also must communicate with a partner when playing doubles. Athletes not only experience the team aspect of tennis, but the personal side as well, players work to push themselves and exceed physical limitations. Coach Bonnie Lew explains why people should join tennis, “its fun, and you’re active, and a lot of students have never played tennis before, and so it’s a good starting point where they can get active. They can also try a sport they have never tried before, like Tennis, because there are no cuts.” Another professional Tennis player Rafael Nadal describes tennis in his eyes, “A match is like “self-hypnosis,” where players disguise their weaknesses from their opponents and even from themselves.” This year the varsity team has about 12 freshman and 4 returning letter winners playing varsity this year. The student athletes are already training hard. Coach Berry Fredricks, explains what he is looking forward to most this season, “I enjoy teaching new skills and watching them improve over the season. People should join tennis to learn a life skill and have an opportunity for high level competition.” Come watch these hardworking athletes at their 1st match against Hazen High school, at Kentlake, March 15.

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