White Male Oppression at All Time High

by Ray Cyst Guest Writer

All you see nowadays on those fake news networks like CNN and the failing New York Times is how the minorities have it so hard – they write their stories about how African-Americans are being treated poorly by our poor police officers, and how the LTBG (is that it?) people are in so much trouble; they talk about laws our great president passed as being discriminatory to those in the Muslim faith, but when was the last time you ever heard about the true ‘Merican religion, Christianity? They complain about how women make $0.91 per dollar that men make, but it’s always been said that money corrupts people, so why the hell are they complaining?
We do have a serious problem going on here with all the fake news – they’re constantly lambasting President Trump and his poor supporters and praising the minorities, when really the Trump supporters ARE the minorities: he came in second place in the 2016 election by more than 2.8 million votes, receiving a mere 45.9% of the vote. We need a return to the good ‘ol days, when only the good white, God-fearing men, who didn’t love other men, were the ones calling the shots.
You can look at any of the news networks but, let’s use CNN (Clinton News Network?) as an example. We have Anderson Cooper, a man as flamboyantly rainbow as they come in charge, with a Jewish Jake Tapper on one side and a woman, Dana Bash, at the other. This kind of thing would never be acceptable 100 years ago in the good ol’ days, back when everyone was happy! This is total oppression in its rawest form!
Even right now, we just got finished with Black History Month and what do we have? Women’s Month! Who came up with these anyways? Why don’t take both of them and put them in December so all the insecure snowflakes won’t feel so bad about themselves? If we had a White History Month, or even better a Men’s Month, I wouldn’t be complaining.
It might seem like all this is on the national stage, disconnected from our mortal lives, but I see it starkly every day. I’ve been looking often at colleges in the past few months and all they have is their dastardly ‘Affirmative Action’ plot; last I remember the word affirmative was only used by our good white military men, not all them minorities they’re trying to educate.
And you know what all of this is building towards? A total take-over. You can’t deny their agenda. There is undeniably a gay agenda going on; no one thinks there isn’t. And according to the vastly popular InfoWars.com, run by the unbiased Alex Jones, soon the Muslims are gonna take over the true religion of God, Christianity. On his site, it said that “by 2050 there could be near parity between the numbers of adherents of the two religions [Christianity and Islam] for the first time in history.” They also credited the rapid growth to the amount of children each Muslim has.
Ask yourself this; why would the press be so nice and accepting to all the minorities if they weren’t trying to dethrone us? My fellow citizens, this country was built on freedom and equality for all, but let’s take a close look: who was it establishing our great nation? Was it ‘minorities’? No! It was good ol’ straight white Christian men like you and me! If we want to kill this rising tide of oppression against the true Americans, we need to act now!
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