Population Lacks Understanding About Saint Patrick’s Day

by Lauren Killgrove – Photo Editor

Every year, March 17th rolls around and the world is divided into two—people who wear green and those who do not. However, the majority of the time, people do not know what they are or are not wearing green for. Primarily Catholics and the Irish know the truth of the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day, and not people of other backgrounds. Because of this, the thought of Saint Patrick’s Day brings people to a state of confusion for its purpose. Have no fear, I am here to teach you about the truth that is behind St. Patrick’s Day.
This holiday is celebrated all throughout the world for Saint Patrick, a missionary who was once on mission to achieve Christianity in a Pagan Ireland during the 400s. Along with celebrating the conversion of the country, people also celebrate Ireland and its heritage itself. Saint Patrick’s Day is a day for Irish culture and the history of the land, a history important to religious background.
Some of the customs attached to Saint Patrick’s Day may seem odd, but the reasoning behind them makes a lot of sense. For example, the celebration of shamrocks. Saint Patrick had reportedly used a shamrock to show the Irish what the Holy Trinity was. This is why shamrocks are seen as important to the holiday.
Another tradition is to wear the color green. This is because of another name that Ireland has for itself, “The Emerald Isle.” Since emerald is a shade of green, it is the color represented for the holiday as it celebrates the country. Yet another reason for the coloring choice is because green is used in the flag to represent the Catholics that Saint Patrick converted. However, the reason that the color is worn to prevent pinching is that the color was believed to camouflage or make individuals invisible to the leprechauns so they did not attack.
Saint Patrick’s Day is an important holiday for Ireland and the Catholic religion, and also used as a fun day for people around the world to participate in, regardless whether or not they have connections to the intended celebration. Saint Patrick’s Day is a day for unity, and that is something worth celebrating.

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