Pit Band Fosters Creativity Among Musicians

by Symantha Edwards – Staff Reporter

Our school is known for its amazing and thrilling drama department, with its newest performance, Sister Act, coming out this spring. Jonathan Urmenita believes that the success of the play is partly attributed to the pit band.
“Its real people. That is really what it is. People like listening to real people. There is nothing that matches the energy of people physically there.” Said Urmenita when asked what the pit band provided in comparison to a prerecorded CD.
The experience of playing in the pit is what differentiates the pit band from concert band.
“when you are actually down in the pit, with the lights and the singers up on stage, its loud, it’s a lot more like a professional performance, people are paying to hear us, so everything has to be right.” Urmenita said
On his personal preferences and why he would prefer the pit band to concert band, urmineta said “for me personally, the involvement. Besides the playing and directing, I get to work with singers, dancers, and more”
Cameron jones said “The thing that really excites me about Pit band is the experience because of the talented people you get to play with and the difficult music you get to play.”
Jones also said “I am actually excited about Sister Act because of the music we get to play. Even though it is not a well-known play, it should be good”
The pit band is and will always be a huge part of the atmosphere we feel when seeing our famous drama productions.

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