Fastpitch Works Well Under Pressure

by Symantha Edwards – Staff Reporter

The spring sports season is coming, and the tenacious fast pitch team is coming along with it. This team does a great job of working together, and has the will to surpass many obstacles.
Leizllyn Nicolas, sophomore, labels the team as determined and strong, because they always pursue their goals and are never giving up. The fast pitch team reacts well under the pressures of the game, delivering some outstanding performances from the seasons past, like last year when they made it to districts.
One of the team’s main goals according to Nicolas is “to have a successful season and make it to playoffs and state.”
Varsity last year made it to playoffs and they hope to do so again this year, but with great aspirations comes great practice. The team pairs rigorous practice with fun training to further strengthen the bond of the team. This year as Nicolas says the team would like to rise to the occasion, facing equally strong teams, coming together to beat them.
Senior caption Ashley Hendrickson gives us insight to the challenges and struggles of fast pitch. In comparison to baseball, Hendrickson told us that fast pitch was hard because the diminished chance for perfection.
“Baseball has a much larger field, so because ours is smaller we have less room for error”.
Not all of the pressure is riding on Hendrickson however. Hendrickson revealed that the sport was much more of a team sport than an individual one, and you have to rely on your team to succeed.
Hendrickson called it “a domino effect’, when one error is made, more error occur after so the team has to work together to play their very hardest and give it their all.
With lots of incoming freshman coming in, the team is excited for the upcoming season.
The newest addition to the Kentlake family is Ms. Stanly, the new fast pitch coach. With a new coach and a new year, we can expect a lot from our girls fast pitch team.

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