Ceelo Green’s New Persona Shocks Viewers at Grammys

cee lo

by Abril Serrano – Staff Reporter

The Grammys 2017 were full of exciting moments, one of the most memorable moments occurred during the red carpet when the appearance of a husky, short man coved in a full gold body tunic with a strange designed golden helmet covering his face notably appeared getting the notice of celebrity news outlets.
Many were quick to assume that the person behind the extraordinary suit was Cee Lo Green because of the similar features both outrageous men shared.
TMZ quickly caught up with Green a few days after the Grammys to ask him about the whole idea of the suite he wore to the Grammys in which, Green said, “That’s somebody else altogether, man.” Green followed up by explaining that the man everyone saw that the Grammys was not exactly him but in fact was his alter ego Gnarly Davidson.
Gnarly Davison is green’s new persona he developed to promote as a new artist, going so far to creating new social media accounts released under Davison’s name. The red carpet appearance of the Davison was an attempt by Green to promote Davidson’s new remake single called “Jay-Z’s girl” originally “Jessie girl” by Rick Springfield from 1981.
Unfortunately, for Green, Davison’s rise to Fame is not turning out to be, as Green would hope, with Davison’s music video for “Jay-Z’s girl” only getting 437,000 views on YouTube. On the other hand, the golden tunic and helmet look turned into an internet meme over night with people comparing the outrageous look to a delightful Ferrero Rocher chocolate.
It was clear the whole red carpet look was no more than a crummy attempted publicity stunt that no one asked for.

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