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Culinary Arts Places Sixth at the State Competition


by Madison Marko – Op-ed Editor

The culinary arts team placed sixth at the state competition this year. Lead by team captain and senior, Calista Webb, they prepared a three-course meal to be judged by chefs and culinary professors. The competition was held at Clover Park Technical College.
Webb said, “At state we prepared a microgreen salad for the appetizer with a sriracha carrot juice sorbet dressing, as well as some fried up some chicken for protein. The entrée was a shrimp curry with coconut foam, basmati rice, and Gai Lan, which is a Chinese broccoli, with fried shrimp heads.”
For Webb, the hardest part of competing at state was the high stress levels. The team was given an hour to prepare and plate their dishes, and any team that went over the time limit was docked points.
But, this is not the hardest part of the program. Webb said, “Last year at competition we did a really, really difficult dish. We cooked with duck, and duck is really hard to work with because if you get it to a really high temperature then it is ruined.”
Webb has been a member of the team for two years, involved in culinary class for three, and a cook for much longer. Webb said, “I started cooking as soon as I could start walking around. I started cooking because my babysitter would cook all the time. She did shows and cooked for customers. I started cooking and baking a lot because of her.”
Webb said, “Being on the culinary team gives you a lot of opportunities. The judges are all actual chefs who are in the field, or they are professors at culinary schools. One of the judges came up to the entire team and handed us all business cards and said, ‘Hey, if you want a summer job, call me. I will give you a job on the spot.’”
The team has been meeting weekly since September to plan and prepare dishes. Their current chef mentor is the sous-chef at Heartwood Provisions in Seattle.
The five-man team made up of: Calista Webb, senior, Vanessa Raya, senior, Devon Smith, senior, Jayson Raabe, junior, and Kasha Geen, senior. To Webb, they are a close-knit group. Webb said, “It is like a family, for sure. We goof off all the time. But when it is serious, we are all serious together. It is a cool program to be in and I highly recommend it.”

Robot Bees Could serve as Possible Replacement After Extinction


by Justice Etafo – Staff Reporter

Bees play a key environmental role, especially the specific species that pollinate. Not only are their efforts contributing to the ecosystem much of their work translates into the U.S economy and agriculture. This is because it is estimated that “bees produce 40 billion dollars annually”even being responsible for one third of the food being eaten globally.
The robot bee is an innovation from Harvard that is meant to carry out the environmental tasks of bees. They are designed to prepare for the possibility of bee extinction or minimalized populations. Robot bees could act as our savior in the wake of the bee problem, ever since the 1990s the Bombus (Bumble Bee) population has plunged by almost 90%, the U.S has even put them on the endangered list.
The bodily composition of the robot bee was inspired by that of a fly. The size of half a paperclip. The autonomous bee can flap its wings 120 times per second using its “artificial muscles” that are designed to expand and contract when an electric charge is applied. The mechanized bees are not functional as there are still a few kinks to work out, such as the battery and how there is not one small or light enough to be carried by the wings. Secondly, the bee can only last 20 seconds in the air, being able to achieve vertical takeoff, hovering, and steering.
If you care to know why exactly the Bees are going out at an alarming rate, all signs point to the disease colony collapse disorder, pesticides on crops that unintentionally harm or kill them, as well as climate change with habitat loss. “Last year, the U.S. lost 44 percent of all honeybee colonies — a species essential to commercial pollination in this country.” With the threat of bee extinction, robot bees could act as an replacement allowing the pollination in the U.S to continue.

International Women’s Day Celebrates Women’s Achievments


by Madison Marko – Op-ed Editor

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. The day, initially called Working Women’s Day, is a day to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. According to the UN, it is also a day to call for change.
The UN has outlined a theme for 2017, as well as key targets of the 2030 Agenda. Their theme for the year is: “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030.”
Some of their key targets to accomplish by 2030 are: ensure that all girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education leading to relevant and Goal-4 effective learning outcomes, ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development, care and preprimary education so that they are ready for primary education, end all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere, eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in the public and private spheres, including trafficking and sexual and other types of exploitation, and eliminate all harmful practices, such as child, early and forced marriage and female genital mutilation.
To Brooklyn Zanazanian, a junior, International Women’s Day is an important day of reflection on women’s contributions throughout history. Zanazanian said, “Throughout our education we have been fed information on what men have accomplished, but they stay quiet when it comes to women. In AP U.S. History, we’re learning about the ways women have contributed to society and life as we know it today. Like in World War 2, women were the majority of the people that pushed the war and built the aircrafts, ships—things that would take a year to build were built in 17 days with women doing it. We are forced under the radar, and every time we do get credit, people said, ‘Oh, it does not really matter.’ But, when a man does the same thing, it is like, ‘Props to him. He is a hero. Everybody should look up to him.’”
International Women’s Day celebrates female artists like Audre Lorde, a poet and activist, as well as women like Sister Rosetta Sister Tharpe, a singer with the nickname of “the godmother of rock and roll.” It celebrates female athletes like Billie Jean King, a professional tennis player and supporter of women’s and LGBTQA rights. It also pays respects to female innovators, mathematicians, and scientists like Flossie Wong-Staal, a UCLA grad who was the first scientist to clone HIV.
The day celebrates the contributions to society of women from all walks of life.

National Puppy Day Appreciates Unconditional Love Puppies Give Owners

by Erin Bedry – Staff Reporter

National Puppy Day is just around the corner, we must take a moment to appreciate the unconditional love that puppies give to their humans. It was founded on March 23, 2006 by Colleen Paige, an animal behaviorist and author. According to, puppy mills produce over 2 million puppies each year. There are not enough homes for these puppies, if the puppies are not sold, they are either euthanized by the breeder themselves or dropped off somewhere like a shelter, where an estimated 1.2 million dogs are euthanized each year (ASPCA).
National Puppy Day is not just a holiday to give you an excuse to post a picture of a puppy you find cute, but rather an occasion to raise awareness to the horrors that puppy mills are guilty of committing. Jenna Lacey, a freshman, recently got a puppy of her own. Her puppy “helps me when I am sad and calms me down to help me solve problems,” said Lacey. Puppies are known for always having a smile and being happy, but they are sadly not given the most humane treatment that they deserve.
“Puppy mills are dog breeding operations that put profit over the health and well-being of the dogs” ( Not a lot of people are aware of what puppy mills are. This is why we need a day like National Puppy Day to bring awareness to the wrongdoings of many puppy breeders and promote adopting puppies from humane places like a local, ethical breeder or the shelter. Do not just take to Instagram this 23rd and post a picture of a cute puppy, write a caption that helps promote the message National Puppy Day stands for.

Department of Education Protects Children

by Fiona Higgins – Staff Reporter

Seemingly without anyone noticing it, a Kentucky lawmaker named Thomas Massie proposed a new bill to Congress that said “The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018.”
It is unlikely that an entire federal department could be completely disbanded, but many things have been changing quite suddenly as of late, so it seems like anything is possible at this point. A decision in favor of the bill would leave all educational decisions entirely to individual states, and that could end up being a disaster.
If the Department of Education was terminated, many things would end for public schools. For example, public school lunches currently have to follow a regulated nutritional plan, so students get proper nutrients. Without the Department of Education, these guidelines would disappear; many kids would not get the nutrition required if their particular state decides to change their nutritional guidelines or make an attempt to save money by using less expensive foods.
Another important part of legislation that would vanish would be many protections for disabled students. Right now, schools do their best to try to help students with disabilities by changing their teaching styles for these kids, or helping them find and execute different types of therapies. Kids are provided with paraeducators to help them focus or get one on one teaching, and certain teachers are specially trained in order to be able to teach classes of disabled students. A large part of being able to help disabled kids is a school’s ability to work with these students individually to find what works for them. Without the Department of Education, and by extension Section 504 of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, these protections would become unsupported by federal government, and once again left to the states. Texas and Delaware, marked as “needs intervention” by the Department of Education’s special education rankings, would likely become even worse without these protections due to the lack of federal oversight.
There are many who believe that eliminating the Department of Education would stop the federal government from having to spend so much on education. The idea is that states would fund education instead. However, letting states fund their own educational programs would create uneven learning across the United States. One state may have higher standards for passing or failing than another, and one state may allow creationism to be taught while another may not. Abolishing the Department of Education, while saving money, would create huge inequalities in this country.
Though a bill as short as Massie’s is unlikely to pass, the fact that many lawmakers have come forward over the years wanting to abolish the Department of Education does present the possibility that it may happen. If this bill happens to pass, we would have a whole host of issues that are going to make a very difficult few years for students and parents alike.

Rachel Lindsay Rightfully Becomes Next Bachelorette


by Erin Bedry – Staff Reporter

As the 21st season of the Bachelor comes to an end, the new Bachelorette has been chosen. In a surprise announcement on Jimmy Kimmel Live, it was revealed that Rachel Lindsay would be the lucky girl. Lindsay will be the very first black Bachelorette or Bachelor ever. This is a great step forward in the media, as people of color have previously not been well represented in television or movies. In a USC study, they found that just 28.3 percent of characters with dialogue were from non-white racial/ethnic groups. Lindsay is excited to break down these barriers and find her true love. In a study conducted by The Huffington Post, they found that “The average age of the bachelorette is 27.” Therefore, at age 31, Lindsay is more mature and actually ready for a relationship.
Personally, I am happy that Lindsay is going to be the bachelorette because she is genuine. Previous bachelorettes, such as Jojo or Andi, have come off as very shallow and have no character, just a pretty smile. Lindsay has received great amounts of support from her cast mates and America. Even Nick Viall said, “I have met very few people who possess as much beauty, grace, and charisma as Rachel and after hearing that she’ll be the next Bachelorette I could not be more excited.” It is great to see such a low level of negativity for her. These shows can come off as dumb and scripted when they have the same kind of person every single season, it can get a little repetitive. There is always one crazy person who seems to stick around too long, or the one weird guy who you know never stood a chance. Lindsay will be something refreshing in the world of The Bachelor series.
It is also commonly known that the couples coming from this show typically never stay together for longer than a couple months. However, I do not believe that this will be a problem with Lindsay, because she will not be carrying in some type of emotional baggage, like children, and she already has a great, steady job, as a lawyer in her hometown Texas. Lindsay is the first Bachelorette I have seen that is actually ready to settle down and get married to someone she loves.
To sum it all up, Rachel Lindsay is going to be the perfect bachelorette because she is mature, genuine, and something new to enjoy on this long going series.

Trappist-1 Garners Hope For Aliens But Not For Fleeing Earth

This diagram compares the sizes of the newly-discovered planets around the faint red star TRAPPIST-1 with the Galilean moons of Jupiter and the inner Solar System. All the planets found around TRAPPIST-1 are of similar size to the Earth.
This diagram compares the sizes of the newly-discovered planets around the faint red star TRAPPIST-1 with the Galilean moons of Jupiter and the inner Solar System. All the planets found around TRAPPIST-1 are of similar size to the Earth.

by Yareli Rodriguez – Staff Reporter

NASA recently discovered a new star system only 40 light years away. This newly found system contains seven planets, in which three or four may be in a habitable zone.
NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, revealing that the planets orbited around what is considered a “tiny, nearby, ultra-cool dwarf star”, which has left many in shock—the TRAPPIST-1 star is reportedly 20 times smaller than our sun, which causes the planets in that system to have shorter orbits around the sun.
With the release of information, people have already made jokes about leaving this planet to live on the planets found in TRAPPIST-1, which is an awful idea. Looking at the current state our current planet is in, I think this sounds like an excuse to leave behind what we’ve already ruined, and to start fresh to then destroy another planet.
Since three of the planets are in a Goldilocks Zone, there is a large possibility that the planets contain one of the most vital thing known to man—water. Although nothing is confirmed yet, I believe that the chance of water supports the fact that there could be life in the system.
Despite the jokes, newly found system is by far one of the most fascinating things that we have discovered, and leaves people wondering whether there are more star systems with life out there than we know.
Space is incredibly immeasurable, and the possibilities of new life on other planets are endless. With that being said, another possibility that comes to mind, is life on other planets.

Day Without Immigrants Sends Powerful Message


by Abril Serrano – Staff Reporter

A Day Without Immigrants, based on the 2004 movie directed by Sergio Arau, “A Day Without A Mexican”, became the center of attention on Feb. 16 in many cities across the U.S. Thousands of immigrants came together nationwide to protest the discrimination and violation of many undocumented and documented immigrants’ lawful and human rights.
We acted to get a simple message across: we contribute more to this country than you might think, and we will not continue to sit back as we are devalued and violated.
The boycott called for the closing of businesses, not attending work or school, and abstaining from shopping to show how much immigrants contribute to this country no matter their immigration status.
The movement was formed through social media following the accusations President Trump has made against immigrants throughout his political campaign and presidency.
In his inaugural address, Trump said, “While there are many illegal immigrants in our country who are good people, this doesn’t change the fact that most illegal immigrants are lower-skilled workers with less education who compete directly against vulnerable American workers.”
This statement is in opposition of previous statements in which he said DACA recipients were, “incredible kids.”
One of the most influential factors of the strike that took place in Tacoma, Washington dealt with the detention of a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient. Daniel Ramirez Medina who was arrested by immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) agents on Feb. 10 in Seattle.
Ramirez was sleeping at his father’s house when an ICE agent came to the house looking for Ramirez’s father. He was not at the property during the time, so instead they decided to arrest Ramirez and take him into an immigration detention center. Ramirez explained to the agents that he had a work permit under the DACA program, which granted 750,000 undocumented immigrants a two-year protection from deportation and work permits in 2012.
The agents violated Ramirez’s rights of protection from deportation as well as his arrest without a warrant taking him into the immigration detention center in where ICE is still trying to strip Ramirez from his DACA protection. The case of Ramirez is open waiting to see a judge in order to determine if he can be granted permission to stay in the States or if he will be deported. The news of Ramirez spread rapidly leading many DACA recipients to wonder if their rights will also be violated under Trump’s administration
The fear of countless undocumented families of being separated brought them together to prove that they are more than just “illegal” in this country. To imagine a life without 11.1 million undocumented immigrants is the idea of a Day Without Immigrants. We stood to prove that undocumented people help contribute to this country and that no matter our immigration status, we are all human beings fighting for our ideal American dream.

Jo-Bros Should Bring Peace by Reuniting Their Band


by Grace Frunk Ad Manager

The Jonas Brothers is one of the greatest bands of all time. After becoming famous in 2006, the band grew to become the iconic band the world knows and loves. The band gained popularity after the release of “Camp Rock” in 2008. This Disney Channel Original Movie starred the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. Band member Joe revealed his true bad-boy self through his character Shane in this classic movie. After releasing three hit albums, “Camp Rock”, and the ultimate episode of Hannah Montana, the band got their own T.V. show “Jonas” on Disney channel. The show ran for two season over a span of one year. The Jonas Brothers brought happiness to millions. The crash and fall of the Jo-Bros brought pain to every single fan.
In 2008, Miley Cyrus released her hit song “7 Things” which showed a side of Band member Nick that no one could even imagine existing. Nick and Cyrus dated for 2 years. Cyrus was Nick’s first kiss and most likely his first true love. Their relationship ended in 2007, neither one of them hid the devastation of the break-up. In 2009, Cyrus released her book, “Miles to Go.” The book spoke of “Prince Charming,” which any true fan or either Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers knew this character was really band member Nick. The book not only spoke poorly of Nick, but her song exposed him more than anything. In “7 Things”, Cyrus says, “You’re vain, your games, you’re insecure. You love me, you like her You make me laugh, you make me cry I don’t know which side to buy. Your friends they’re jerks. And when you act like them, just know it hurts. I wanna be with the one I know, and the 7th thing I hate the most that you do, you make me love you.”
Taylor Swift called band member Joe out on “Ellen” in 2008. Swift claimed that her Ex-Boyfriend, Joe, Broke-up with her over a 27-second phone call. However, Joe explained himself immediately after the episode aired. With a post on his MySpace account, he explained to his fans that he was not the one to end the conversation abruptly. Nick and Joe were both exposed as heart-breaking bad-boys, this caused a strain on fans everywhere. There is never a way for fans to know which celebrity is telling the truth.
On an interview on Good Morning America Nick said, “Look, I feel like we’ve had some complications within the group for a long time without addressing them. I think this train will fall off the tracks without really getting real about some of the concerns and some of the limitations that we may feel as individuals in the group.” Nick was fine with moving on, but he appeared to be the only one. The Jonas Brothers make people feel something no other band had before, and it has become the craving that no one can deny or satisfy.
The band members are not the same boys we once knew and loved. When member left the band, they were leaving behind a version of themselves. Nick the sweet one, Joe the rocker, and Kevin. Nick became a bad-boy. Joe became the funny, relatable one, who was so desperate he joined a band called “DNCE” that has released music as terrible as the title of their singlular hit, “Cake by the Ocean.” Kevin has since become a husband and a father, and managed to get a show on Entertainment, “Married to Jonas” which ran for 2 seasons. They are no longer involved in all the childish drama, and they all have new imagines and have a new sound.
As a band, they released pop music, the best pop music to ever have been written. From “Year 3000” to the iconic “Lovebug”, the band had a sounds that spanned past Disney’s age-restrictive boundaries.
When the band broke up, Nick turned to contemporary R&B and pop rock. His hit songs “Close”, “Jealous” and “Chains” have established Nick’s solo career as successful. Joe has not been able to find such success. Kevin Jonas has not released any music since the break-up. It would not be a drastic change for these sounds to combine. The band was better than any other band because their variety of music and style made them the rock-pop gods that they were.
They are different people now, they are have moved on since the break-up. Millions of fans have not done the same. Their once truly amazing sound is constantly being replayed. New music from them as a group will stop millions of people from reliving the past on an infinite loop. It is time for the Jonas brother to re-unite. Joe, Nick, Kevin— get back together so I can stop crying into my pillow at night.

Whitening Strips: Are They Worth the Money?

by Morgan Marko – News Editor

Tired of your yellow, grimy, teeth? Journalism has the solution for you! Crest 3D Whitening strips, after just 30 minutes you can turn the grime to shine.
Although many people have said that sensitivity is a common side-effect to have after applying white stripes for 30 minutes. I experienced no sensitivity long term other than directly after. My teeth felt slight sensitivity though it quickly went away after about ten minutes.
While using a white strip the only pain I genuinely experiences was once, the very first use, when I accidently applied the strip too high and it touched a mass of gum tissue. I felt a quick sting and then I never felt much pain after that.
The thing that I noticed the most about the strips is that although the effect is satisfactory and I definitely felt like I had noticeably whiter teeth. All of it wears off. I honestly only felt like my teeth were whiter for the first two days after application and then I felt like I needed to apply another one to achieve white teeth again.
On top of that if you accidentally got a taste of the gel in your mouth it tastes awful. It tastes like unflavored dental fluoride. Take my word for it, it Is disgusting.
At the end of the day I cannot really decide if these strips are worth $40. The effect lasts maybe two days and though it’s nice to have white teeth, the nasty taste and uncomfortable wear make those 30 minutes not a pleasure. If you desire white teeth for an event I’d say they’re definitely a good route but if you’re looking for life long white teeth, the money you will be putting into the whitening strips on a monthly basis would just be too much. Though the box looks huge, you only get about 18 wears out of one box.