Valentines Day: Heartbreaker


by Yareli Rodriguez – Staff Reporter

Ah, Valentine’s Day, the annual holiday that revolves around spending money on last minute heart shaped chocolates and teddy bears that repeat cheesy quotes.
With the rise in price of chocolates, and of roses that are bound to die, Valentine’s Day is inarguably one of the most expensive holidays, following Halloween and Easter. According to the National Retail Federation, “Valentine’s Day spending is expected to hit $19.7 billion” for 2016, and $18.2 billion for this year. It seems as though the holiday gives companies an excuse to raise their prices, taking advantage of those who are trying to express their love.
Despite the fact that Valentine’s Day is expensive, what it has turned to is incredibly cheap. Over time, the holiday has lost its original purpose—it once was about spending time with loved ones and showing your appreciation for them. Now, it is about who can spoil their partner more to get more likes and retweets on social media. Cheap.
Sure, Valentine’s Day is the day to show off your love for your partner to those around you, but why wait until February to do that? It should not be the only day you show that you appreciate your partner—that should be shown as much as you can while you two are together.
Valentine’s Day is a joke. It seems as though it is teaching us that this one specific day of the year, is the only day we are allowed to spoil our loved ones. We should not limit ourselves to one day out of the entire year to love and care for our loved ones. We should express our love for others every day of the year.
If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special someone, more power to you, but do not take this holiday as an excuse to being the only day you appreciate your partner. Appreciate them while you have them.

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