Valentines Day: Day-Maker


by Fiona Higgins – Staff Reporter

Every year, Valentine’s Day comes and goes in a wave of red or pink frills and hearts. It is considered a time to celebrate romantic relationships, which can cause bitterness to rise in the single population. However, there may be more to this holiday than meets the eye.
To begin with, although Valentine’s Day is traditionally for “couples only”, society has clearly never viewed it that way. At least, not entirely. Friends give their friends valentines, and in elementary schools kids spend time making cards and crafts to give to their class. No one would ever say that these kids are all romantically interested in each other. Personally, I view Valentine’s Day as a day to tell your friends how much you love and care about them, not just a significant other.
In addition, Valentine’s Day brings with it a veritable smorgasbord of nice-quality chocolate and candy on sale, all prepared for boyfriends and girlfriends to get last minute gifts for each other. They are not the only ones who can buy sweets, though; anyone can get them. You can give them to your friends, or just keep them for yourself.
If you are a very crafty person, Valentine’s Day can be one of the best times of the year. Many cute, frilly and fun crafts are designed for this holiday. Valentines themselves are fun to make, because you can personalize them to your friends and loved ones, and there are so many to choose from. Even if you do not like the adorable lacey stuff, though, there are still many varieties of cards and crafts for people who are not a fan.
Some would say that Valentine’s Day is too cutesy for their tastes, and others believe that seeing sappy couples trying to rekindle their relationships with teddy bears and heart shaped balloons is rubbing their relationship in our single faces. But we do not have to see it that way.
All in all, even if Valentine’s Day is supposed to be for couples, it does not have to be, and we can all celebrate it in peace, whether you are single, taken, or somewhere in between.

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