Trump’s Changes in Early Days Trouble Constituency


by Justice Etafo – Staff Reporter

President Donald Trump is quite the controversial individual. It is hard to see him as a passionate person with the interests of the people of the U.S. put first. Many citizens are hesitant to give Trump any trust.
Recently, Trump’s administration, which is in the earliest stages of his presidency, have made a string of important changes. One very disruptive policy change blocks immigration admissions, which could heavily alter the lives of thousands of Green Card holders in the U.S. if enacted. This would bring about detentions and deportations to those that are defined as illegal immigrants.
Additionally, he has blocked federal funding to global health organizations that offer abortions, bringing back past Republican establishments and expanding upon them.
President Trump has also withdrawn from the US negotiations over the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. This pact between 12 countries aimed to create in depth economic bonds between the nations, something similar to that of the EU. Although the deal is viewed as a significant achievement, Trump during his campaign called it “horrible.” He insisted that the trade deal does not give Americans enough protection.
In addition to that withdrawal, President Trump re-authorized and ordered for the rapid completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, as well as the Keystone XL Pipelines. These pipelines allow faster travel for fuels across the US but brings up controversial moral issues, as the pipelines would pass through the sacred lands of the Native American reservations.
Donald’s campaign promises are beginning to translate into his actions, which is scary; he is making monumental changes that could readily affect the everyday lives of the American people, and possibly the rest of the world.
Because of these unprecedented changes, Donald Trump has the lowest approval rating of any president in American history. Whether it’s our inability to accept drastic change, or his obliviousness to common human decency, this man cannot seem to make any friends.
Donald Trump is someone who has lived a privileged, wealthy life. Because of this, he does not understand how he is actually making it harder for those who want to improve to quality of their own lives. It is wrong for someone who has little relatability to have readily gained the authority to make the decisions that increasingly affect the common people.
Moreover, what we need is unity. Our future may be uncertain, but as a country, we need someone to bring us together.
Trump’s overall plan seems to be an enigma. Either way, we will be witnessing either the rise or descent of our nation.

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