Tera Chea Elected Key Club Lieutenant Governor

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by Madison Marko – Op-ed Editor

Tera Chea, junior, was elected as Key Club’s Division 32 Lieutenant Governor on January 14. Chea will be officially sworn in on March 31 at the Pacific Northwest District Convention in Portland, Oregon.
To Chea, Key Club is second only to her family and friends. She said, “Key club has practically raised me to be the person I am today. It is always there when I fall and because of it, I am constantly striving to be a better person. It helps the community like a family and we take care of each other.”
Chea has been a member of Key Club since her freshman year, holding the role of the club’s secretary her freshman and sophomore year, and president the second half of sophomore year and first half of her junior year. Chea said, “I have been involved in all the committees within Division 32 and I felt like being Lieutenant Governor was the next step in my Key Club journey.”
The Division 32 Election Rally was held at Fairwood Library, and each of the candidates had to give a speech. Chea said, “Fun story, I actually had a whole spiel memorized and when I got up to say my speech, I started off strong then completely froze halfway through. It was basically thirty seconds of silence when I froze and I thought I was going to die. Almost cried, but it is okay.”
Ashley Villanueva, junior, held the position before her. After the District Convention, Chea will take the role and oversee the eight schools within Division 32: Kentlake, Kentwood, Kentridge, Kent-Meridian, Tahoma, Renton, Hazen, and Lindbergh. Chea said, “I will serve as the liaison between the district and division in which I am responsible for supporting and growing each of the clubs. Some of my duties will include the publication of a monthly newsletter, club officer training and support, holding monthly divisional meetings, committee meetings, and serving on one or more district committees.”
As a future division leader, Chea has many goals. She said, “Although increasing membership will always be a goal, my main focus is to make the division a lot more inclusive to create sort of a familiar environment where school districts and borders will not mean anything.  Because as the saying goes, quality over quantity.”
Chea said, “We don’t make keys in Key Club, but we will help you make the keys to your future. Join Key Club.”
Key Club meets every Wednesday in room 2523.

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