New Netflix Series “Crazyhead” Destined to be This Year’s Hit


by Lauren Killgrove – Photo Editor

Normally, when there is a show about two friends who fight demons with the sheer force of girl-power, you expect either a dramatic teen show or a kids’ channels’ top hit. Instead, with Netflix’s new show “Crazyhead,” you, the audience, are delivered a humorous TV-MA tale that will make you only want more. The series is full of wry British humor, quirky characters, and a newly found respect for rafts.
“Crazyhead” begins with Cara Theobald, whom plays the character Amy, a woman in her early twenties that has suffered through numerous doctors and people in her life have her take medication to treat a mental condition that gives her the tendency to see regular people as demons-like creatures. After Amy is cleared to no longer be prescribed to her medication, she comes across another demon, as well as a woman named Raquel (Susan Wokoma), who experiences seeing demons as well. Raquel then reveals to Amy that the demons are actually there, and the two pair up to defeat the monsters alongside Amy’s coworker Jake (Lewis Reeves) who mainly provides transportation.
One of the greatest parts of the story is the friendship that forms between Raquel and Amy. The two are more similar than they are different, with their fierceness and compassion for those they care about. The upbringing of a powerful female friendship that builds more and more as the series goes on is a positive reminder that when you work together and motivate each other, that encouragement is what truly causes success. The moral of friendship in the series is a strong component for why the show is such a good representation of why accepting others and caring is good for us. Amy and Raquel’s friendship is the greatest thing this series offers: female-empowerment.
Overall, the storyline is well written and wonderfully composed. The characters have life, and lots of it. Howard Overman, who is the creator of “Crazyhead,” has done a spectacular job bringing humor, emotion, and suspense to a story.
From the moment “Crazyhead” debuted on Netflix on Oct. 19 of 2016, it is destined for success. Everything about the show is enjoyable, and it has quickly become a favorite.

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