New Kentlake App Helps Keep Students Involved


by Emma Hartvickson – Staff Reporter

Created by the fairly new company A+ apps, locals and longtime friends, Mark Zhuk, Andrew Petrik, and Julian Tsvan wanted to share their vision, “to bring innovation into schools.”
Mark and Andrew graduated from Auburn Mountainview and Julian graduated from Kentlake.
Last January, the friends teamed up and formed a company with the intent to provide custom mobile apps for schools, Petrik said, “We truly believe that engaged students are growing students.” The number one thing that they consider when building the apps for schools is where the attention of the student body is. They ask questions such as, “How can we bring them value and save them time?”
They also take into account the school brand in the design. “It’s important for us to communicate that you are downloading the Kentlake app, not just an A+ app that contains multiple schools.” Said Petrik.
The app will improve high school, Petrik said, “We like to use the analogy that our app is like a gym membership, you have to use it for the improvement to happen. As we move forward with implementing the KLHS app, there are many areas that we can improve in the school.”
The app includes features that inform students of everything happening around school. There is a calendar that has dates on the upcoming events, students can receive notifications, and one of the most popular features is the social media feature of the app. Students can post and share pictures on the app of anything going on at school and also access the KL Facebook and Twitter pages.
Principal Dr. Joe Potts is excited about the new app and the impact it will have on our school. He believes it will improve our school, “I think the better we communicate with our student population about the activities and events and opportunities in Kentlake, it will help them immensely…and so the better we communicate effectively and efficiently the better off everyone is going to be.”
The “student” section in the app provides information about the culminating project, college, and running start. The app leads students to Naviance and connects them to information regarding after post high school experiences.
Sports and Drama news can be accessed as well where students can find photos, register for events, and look at scores.
ASB President, Tyson Wanger explains what sparked the idea of creating an app for our school, and why students should download the app, “A lot of people especially running start students get caught up in their school work and sometimes forget about school activities, So when trying to promote school spirit, it’s hard to get people involved, so we decided to have A+ app create the school app for us.” Said Tyson. He explained why everyone should download the app, and that the app was created for all falcon families, no matter what type of phone that’s being used, “It’s just more of a way to get people involved and to create a Kentlake community.” Said Tyson.
For any more questions about using the app you can contact: Mark, Andrew, and/or Julian through the A+ apps website .

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