Gymnastics Makes it to State As a Team

by Nolan James – Staff Reporter

Kentlake’s Gymnastics team were first in the league and third in the district, remaining undefeated throughout their regular season. They are now moving onto state to compete. “Our top six girls have been doing gymnastics our whole lives and have been working hard this whole season and have put a lot of time and effort into this season,” said Calista Webb about their undefeated season. “I’m hoping that we’re going to place at state and that we’ll be working hard and having fun on our last meet.”
The girls’ first game was a home game against Enumclaw, Kent Meridian and Thomas Jefferson, and they won with 154 points. Their next game was at Auburn, winning with 164 points, and they continued that streak for the rest of the season.
To continue to keep up the good work, Webb said that they will be “putting in more effort and really critiquing each other and getting points back from simple things.”
The team has been working very hard to get where they are. “It was definitely fun. There’s definitely togetherness. They’re all great to work with,” Webb said about the team and season. “I would like to really shine a light on a few of my fellow teammates like Cassie Padilla and Katie Beliveau,” she said.
The coaches, Sheila Clark and Lindsey Duerre, have also helped a lot. “One of our coaches is a judge, so she really knows how to get points back and really knows how to focus on the details for us,” said Webb.
There have been a few stand-out moments this season, according to Webb. “Our only competitors this year was Mt. Rainier, so our meet against them was rather nerve racking,” said Webb. Her favorite meet was the All-City meet. “We really excelled in that meet and really beat the other Kent schools and won the title for the twelfth or thirteenth year,” said Webb.
They just competed last weekend at Auburn Mountainview, getting only third place. However, they remain within the top fourteen in the state. This Friday, they are competing in their first State game, so let’s hope the best for them.

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