Battle of 272: Falcons Claim Spirit Trophy, Beat KW


by Trenton Curtis – Staff Reporter

After a series of hard-fought battles, we have finally brought the battle of 272 spirit trophy back to its rightful home. It was not an easy battle, but the hard-earned victories are the best ones and what happened on that fateful night of January 26 was no exception. With both student sections ready to yell and scream and each pep band ready to play their hearts out, the Battle of 272 was set out to be a good one.
After our girls team beat-out Kentwood 53 to 13 the spirit section hype train was going full speed ahead, powered in part by our pep band. “…Everybody was great. The band was fantastic, the cheer team was fantastic, and the student section was fantastic.” Said Pep Band Director, Jonathan Urmenita.
Without a doubt there was an intense atmosphere coming into the boys game. Kentwood was the favorite coming into the game and quickly they gained a decent lead on our boys which lasted the whole game with the final score being 82 to 41. While it is unfortunate that our boys lost, our girls won and we also won the spirit trophy so the Battle of 272 was won by us.
The basketball games are technically the focus of the Battle but the students in the student section and pep bands are the focus of the battle for the spirit trophy. After two excellent halftime shows the competition for the spirit trophy seemed to be fierce, but the competition quickly died when the opposing team’s pep band as well as their cheer team left roughly halfway through the boys game.
Perhaps one of the most optimistic aspects of the Battle of 272, aside from our girls team winning and us taking the spirit trophy would have to be the pride that was showcased on that fateful night. Despite the Battle of 272 being on the eve before finals, a large portion of our student section and majority of our pep band alongside our cheer team showed up to support our basketball teams and show Kentwood who is the boss which is all you could ask out of your student body and we did it with flying colors. “I think it was very important to show who has spirit and to show how big it is to the falcon family.” Said Urmenita when asked how significant winning the spirit trophy was for Kentlake.
Without a doubt, bringing the spirit trophy back home means something for this school. The amount of enthusiasm and the intensity in our victory cheers showed not only to Kentwood but to our fellow students, our Falcon family that we truly care about our sports and do have spirit and pep for all of our sports teams. I would like to thank all members of the pep band, the whole cheer team, the members of the student section and all basketball players and coaches alike for truly showing off our Falcon pride at 272.

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