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New Kentlake App Helps Keep Students Involved


by Emma Hartvickson – Staff Reporter

Created by the fairly new company A+ apps, locals and longtime friends, Mark Zhuk, Andrew Petrik, and Julian Tsvan wanted to share their vision, “to bring innovation into schools.”
Mark and Andrew graduated from Auburn Mountainview and Julian graduated from Kentlake.
Last January, the friends teamed up and formed a company with the intent to provide custom mobile apps for schools, Petrik said, “We truly believe that engaged students are growing students.” The number one thing that they consider when building the apps for schools is where the attention of the student body is. They ask questions such as, “How can we bring them value and save them time?”
They also take into account the school brand in the design. “It’s important for us to communicate that you are downloading the Kentlake app, not just an A+ app that contains multiple schools.” Said Petrik.
The app will improve high school, Petrik said, “We like to use the analogy that our app is like a gym membership, you have to use it for the improvement to happen. As we move forward with implementing the KLHS app, there are many areas that we can improve in the school.”
The app includes features that inform students of everything happening around school. There is a calendar that has dates on the upcoming events, students can receive notifications, and one of the most popular features is the social media feature of the app. Students can post and share pictures on the app of anything going on at school and also access the KL Facebook and Twitter pages.
Principal Dr. Joe Potts is excited about the new app and the impact it will have on our school. He believes it will improve our school, “I think the better we communicate with our student population about the activities and events and opportunities in Kentlake, it will help them immensely…and so the better we communicate effectively and efficiently the better off everyone is going to be.”
The “student” section in the app provides information about the culminating project, college, and running start. The app leads students to Naviance and connects them to information regarding after post high school experiences.
Sports and Drama news can be accessed as well where students can find photos, register for events, and look at scores.
ASB President, Tyson Wanger explains what sparked the idea of creating an app for our school, and why students should download the app, “A lot of people especially running start students get caught up in their school work and sometimes forget about school activities, So when trying to promote school spirit, it’s hard to get people involved, so we decided to have A+ app create the school app for us.” Said Tyson. He explained why everyone should download the app, and that the app was created for all falcon families, no matter what type of phone that’s being used, “It’s just more of a way to get people involved and to create a Kentlake community.” Said Tyson.
For any more questions about using the app you can contact: Mark, Andrew, and/or Julian through the A+ apps website .

Siahna Im Steps Out of Comfort Zone, Releases New EP


by Symantha Edwards – Staff Reporter

Junior Siahna Im’s life would change forever when she auditioned for The Voice on NBC and three chairs turned on September 21st. She chose Pharrell Williams, one of the four celebrity coaches after giving a stunning performance singing the song Fever by Peggy Lee. Im made it to the knock out rounds before going home.
Now, Im is at it again with her new EP, which includes all original songs. Throughout her career, she has been performing cover songs, and she is excited to get out of her comfort zone.
For months now, Im has been working on creating this new EP, and has put her whole heart and soul into it.
Im wants to cover a lot of ground with this EP; each song has a different meaning that she wants to convey. For example, in the song “Warrior,” Im wants to empower people, “What’s Wrong With Me” is for when a listener is feeling sad, and “Untouchable” is a love song.
In the next couple of months, Im is excited to have the opportunity to go on a mini tour with a violinist named Svet who appeared on “America’s Got Talent.” The two of them will be traveling to Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, and even doing a couple of shows in Washington. This opportunity will give her more exposure.
Throughout the rest of the year, she plans to promote her new EP and even hope to start creating new music.
The Voice helped Im begin her music career, she said, “Being on The Voice has been great exposure and has connected me with so many amazing people! I consider singing to be my career and just like any job, it is good to have a resume. The Voice has been the first stepping stone to all the things I hope to add to my resume and I am so excited for what is ahead for my music career!”

Tera Chea Elected Key Club Lieutenant Governor

Tara1 Tara2

by Madison Marko – Op-ed Editor

Tera Chea, junior, was elected as Key Club’s Division 32 Lieutenant Governor on January 14. Chea will be officially sworn in on March 31 at the Pacific Northwest District Convention in Portland, Oregon.
To Chea, Key Club is second only to her family and friends. She said, “Key club has practically raised me to be the person I am today. It is always there when I fall and because of it, I am constantly striving to be a better person. It helps the community like a family and we take care of each other.”
Chea has been a member of Key Club since her freshman year, holding the role of the club’s secretary her freshman and sophomore year, and president the second half of sophomore year and first half of her junior year. Chea said, “I have been involved in all the committees within Division 32 and I felt like being Lieutenant Governor was the next step in my Key Club journey.”
The Division 32 Election Rally was held at Fairwood Library, and each of the candidates had to give a speech. Chea said, “Fun story, I actually had a whole spiel memorized and when I got up to say my speech, I started off strong then completely froze halfway through. It was basically thirty seconds of silence when I froze and I thought I was going to die. Almost cried, but it is okay.”
Ashley Villanueva, junior, held the position before her. After the District Convention, Chea will take the role and oversee the eight schools within Division 32: Kentlake, Kentwood, Kentridge, Kent-Meridian, Tahoma, Renton, Hazen, and Lindbergh. Chea said, “I will serve as the liaison between the district and division in which I am responsible for supporting and growing each of the clubs. Some of my duties will include the publication of a monthly newsletter, club officer training and support, holding monthly divisional meetings, committee meetings, and serving on one or more district committees.”
As a future division leader, Chea has many goals. She said, “Although increasing membership will always be a goal, my main focus is to make the division a lot more inclusive to create sort of a familiar environment where school districts and borders will not mean anything.  Because as the saying goes, quality over quantity.”
Chea said, “We don’t make keys in Key Club, but we will help you make the keys to your future. Join Key Club.”
Key Club meets every Wednesday in room 2523.

Battle of 272: Falcons Claim Spirit Trophy, Beat KW


by Trenton Curtis – Staff Reporter

After a series of hard-fought battles, we have finally brought the battle of 272 spirit trophy back to its rightful home. It was not an easy battle, but the hard-earned victories are the best ones and what happened on that fateful night of January 26 was no exception. With both student sections ready to yell and scream and each pep band ready to play their hearts out, the Battle of 272 was set out to be a good one.
After our girls team beat-out Kentwood 53 to 13 the spirit section hype train was going full speed ahead, powered in part by our pep band. “…Everybody was great. The band was fantastic, the cheer team was fantastic, and the student section was fantastic.” Said Pep Band Director, Jonathan Urmenita.
Without a doubt there was an intense atmosphere coming into the boys game. Kentwood was the favorite coming into the game and quickly they gained a decent lead on our boys which lasted the whole game with the final score being 82 to 41. While it is unfortunate that our boys lost, our girls won and we also won the spirit trophy so the Battle of 272 was won by us.
The basketball games are technically the focus of the Battle but the students in the student section and pep bands are the focus of the battle for the spirit trophy. After two excellent halftime shows the competition for the spirit trophy seemed to be fierce, but the competition quickly died when the opposing team’s pep band as well as their cheer team left roughly halfway through the boys game.
Perhaps one of the most optimistic aspects of the Battle of 272, aside from our girls team winning and us taking the spirit trophy would have to be the pride that was showcased on that fateful night. Despite the Battle of 272 being on the eve before finals, a large portion of our student section and majority of our pep band alongside our cheer team showed up to support our basketball teams and show Kentwood who is the boss which is all you could ask out of your student body and we did it with flying colors. “I think it was very important to show who has spirit and to show how big it is to the falcon family.” Said Urmenita when asked how significant winning the spirit trophy was for Kentlake.
Without a doubt, bringing the spirit trophy back home means something for this school. The amount of enthusiasm and the intensity in our victory cheers showed not only to Kentwood but to our fellow students, our Falcon family that we truly care about our sports and do have spirit and pep for all of our sports teams. I would like to thank all members of the pep band, the whole cheer team, the members of the student section and all basketball players and coaches alike for truly showing off our Falcon pride at 272.

Michael T. Flynn Resigns, Shortest Serving National Security Advisor in History


by Nick Shepard – Staff Reporter

Following his surprise resignation Monday night, retired Army Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn became the shortest serving national security advisor in the position’s 64 year history, having served under President Trump for a mere 24 days.
Flynn’s legitimacy has been repeatedly called into question in the past weeks, in response to calls he was found to have had with Washington’s ambassador from Russia, Sergey Kislyak, on December 29th.
Incidentally, this call occurred on the same day that former President Obama placed sanctions on Russia, restricting 35 Russian diplomats living in the U.S. and sending them home.
Kislyak was also found to have texted Flynn on December 28th, although they didn’t connect via phone that day.
Many see Flynn’s association with Kislyak before he was officially a member of the government as a violation of the Logan Act, passed in 1799, which prohibits American citizens from dealing with foreign powers, whether they’re an ally or enemy. The intention was to stop these negotiations from undermining the legitimacy of the government’s powers.
Those skeptical of this initial explanation question the reasoning behind an incoming U.S. national security advisor conduct this work, when any number of other members of Trump’s team could have done. By the same token, critics wonder why Kislyak, a career politician who’s served as the U.S. ambassador since 2008, would be given such a job.
In the days leading up to Flynn’s resignation, U.S. intelligence officials reported that Flynn had in fact discussed sanctions with Kislyak, a violation of the aforementioned Logan Act.
An official investigation has been called for by leading Senate Republicans into not only Flynn’s ties with Russia, but Trump’s involvement in the entire Flynn-Russia situation. It was confirmed that Trump has known about the true nature of Flynn’s conversation with Kislyak since the 26th of January, and kept the knowledge from Vice President Pence until only several days ago.
Many of those pushing for investigation are concerned that Flynn may have purposely misled Pence in his account of his correspondence with Kislyak, causing Pence to deny on national television that discussion of the sanctions had taken place.
Following the surprise opening Flynn’s position, Joseph Keith Kellogg Jr. was sworn in as acting national security advisor. Like Flynn, he is a retired Army Lieutenant General, serving from 1967 to 2003 and participating in the Vietnam War and Operation Urgent Fury.

Valentines Day: Day-Maker


by Fiona Higgins – Staff Reporter

Every year, Valentine’s Day comes and goes in a wave of red or pink frills and hearts. It is considered a time to celebrate romantic relationships, which can cause bitterness to rise in the single population. However, there may be more to this holiday than meets the eye.
To begin with, although Valentine’s Day is traditionally for “couples only”, society has clearly never viewed it that way. At least, not entirely. Friends give their friends valentines, and in elementary schools kids spend time making cards and crafts to give to their class. No one would ever say that these kids are all romantically interested in each other. Personally, I view Valentine’s Day as a day to tell your friends how much you love and care about them, not just a significant other.
In addition, Valentine’s Day brings with it a veritable smorgasbord of nice-quality chocolate and candy on sale, all prepared for boyfriends and girlfriends to get last minute gifts for each other. They are not the only ones who can buy sweets, though; anyone can get them. You can give them to your friends, or just keep them for yourself.
If you are a very crafty person, Valentine’s Day can be one of the best times of the year. Many cute, frilly and fun crafts are designed for this holiday. Valentines themselves are fun to make, because you can personalize them to your friends and loved ones, and there are so many to choose from. Even if you do not like the adorable lacey stuff, though, there are still many varieties of cards and crafts for people who are not a fan.
Some would say that Valentine’s Day is too cutesy for their tastes, and others believe that seeing sappy couples trying to rekindle their relationships with teddy bears and heart shaped balloons is rubbing their relationship in our single faces. But we do not have to see it that way.
All in all, even if Valentine’s Day is supposed to be for couples, it does not have to be, and we can all celebrate it in peace, whether you are single, taken, or somewhere in between.

Valentines Day: Heartbreaker


by Yareli Rodriguez – Staff Reporter

Ah, Valentine’s Day, the annual holiday that revolves around spending money on last minute heart shaped chocolates and teddy bears that repeat cheesy quotes.
With the rise in price of chocolates, and of roses that are bound to die, Valentine’s Day is inarguably one of the most expensive holidays, following Halloween and Easter. According to the National Retail Federation, “Valentine’s Day spending is expected to hit $19.7 billion” for 2016, and $18.2 billion for this year. It seems as though the holiday gives companies an excuse to raise their prices, taking advantage of those who are trying to express their love.
Despite the fact that Valentine’s Day is expensive, what it has turned to is incredibly cheap. Over time, the holiday has lost its original purpose—it once was about spending time with loved ones and showing your appreciation for them. Now, it is about who can spoil their partner more to get more likes and retweets on social media. Cheap.
Sure, Valentine’s Day is the day to show off your love for your partner to those around you, but why wait until February to do that? It should not be the only day you show that you appreciate your partner—that should be shown as much as you can while you two are together.
Valentine’s Day is a joke. It seems as though it is teaching us that this one specific day of the year, is the only day we are allowed to spoil our loved ones. We should not limit ourselves to one day out of the entire year to love and care for our loved ones. We should express our love for others every day of the year.
If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special someone, more power to you, but do not take this holiday as an excuse to being the only day you appreciate your partner. Appreciate them while you have them.

Trump’s Changes in Early Days Trouble Constituency


by Justice Etafo – Staff Reporter

President Donald Trump is quite the controversial individual. It is hard to see him as a passionate person with the interests of the people of the U.S. put first. Many citizens are hesitant to give Trump any trust.
Recently, Trump’s administration, which is in the earliest stages of his presidency, have made a string of important changes. One very disruptive policy change blocks immigration admissions, which could heavily alter the lives of thousands of Green Card holders in the U.S. if enacted. This would bring about detentions and deportations to those that are defined as illegal immigrants.
Additionally, he has blocked federal funding to global health organizations that offer abortions, bringing back past Republican establishments and expanding upon them.
President Trump has also withdrawn from the US negotiations over the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. This pact between 12 countries aimed to create in depth economic bonds between the nations, something similar to that of the EU. Although the deal is viewed as a significant achievement, Trump during his campaign called it “horrible.” He insisted that the trade deal does not give Americans enough protection.
In addition to that withdrawal, President Trump re-authorized and ordered for the rapid completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, as well as the Keystone XL Pipelines. These pipelines allow faster travel for fuels across the US but brings up controversial moral issues, as the pipelines would pass through the sacred lands of the Native American reservations.
Donald’s campaign promises are beginning to translate into his actions, which is scary; he is making monumental changes that could readily affect the everyday lives of the American people, and possibly the rest of the world.
Because of these unprecedented changes, Donald Trump has the lowest approval rating of any president in American history. Whether it’s our inability to accept drastic change, or his obliviousness to common human decency, this man cannot seem to make any friends.
Donald Trump is someone who has lived a privileged, wealthy life. Because of this, he does not understand how he is actually making it harder for those who want to improve to quality of their own lives. It is wrong for someone who has little relatability to have readily gained the authority to make the decisions that increasingly affect the common people.
Moreover, what we need is unity. Our future may be uncertain, but as a country, we need someone to bring us together.
Trump’s overall plan seems to be an enigma. Either way, we will be witnessing either the rise or descent of our nation.

Cute Love Bug Craft for Valentine’s Day

by Anna Hartman – Student Life Editor


  • Pipe Cleaners or colored copper wire
  • Google eyes
  • Small plastic or wax Dixie cups
  • Heart stickers or mini pom poms
  • 2×4 piece of cardboard
  • Red, pink, or white yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue or glue dots


Step 1: Wrap the yarn around the piece of 2×4 cardboard between 100 and 200 times depending on the thickness of the yarn


Step 2: Once you’ve wrapped the yarn, slide the ring of yarn off the cardboard. Hold it at one end, tie it with another piece of yarn and cut at the other end so that you have something similar to a mop.


Step 3: Glue the yarn to the top of the upside-down Dixie cup. This is the body of the monster. Once the glue is dry, trim the yarn around the bottom of the cup so it is even.


Step 4: Glue some antennae made out of pipe cleaners or copper wire to the top of the yarn, and two eyes to the front, and you are done with this simple and fun Valentine’s Day craft. Enjoy your new Valentine friend!

Black History Month Must Go Beyond Slavery and The Civil Rights Movement


by Angel Terry – Editor-in-Chief & Sports Editor

As February, my favorite month of the year, progresses we are reminded of the importance of individuals like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and other well-known black folks who made some impact in America.
A celebration of individuals of this caliber seems to be the general, superficial consensus of what Black History Month is to most of the United States. We spend the first day of February listening to our teachers briefly lecture on the importance of appreciating these individuals and their contributions to society, then spend the next 27 days returning to the regular curriculum. In addition, we listen to a variety of voices moan and whine about why this month is celebrated, or why there are no “history months” for other ethnic groups.
Personally, I am fed up with the misconceptions placed on the celebration of Black History Month; only because most people do not expel enough effort to do simple google searches on the significances, or at least listen to their Black peers on why this month is so important to us.
Black History Month is not a month meant to be exclusionary towards all other races and ethnicities. It is not as if Black people all sit at a table before February begins and conspire like, “Hmm, how can we find a way to upset the rest of the world by being happy and Black.” In fact, May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, September 15 to October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month, and November is Native American Heritage Month.
In addition, the existence of Black History Month arises from a lack of representation, and celebration of Black people, despite being the individuals who contributed just as much to the foundation of America as we know it. A group of people who have made significant improvements to our daily life that are not portrayed in school textbooks beyond the slavery unit or the civil rights unit.
Finally, Black History Month is a month more than education; it is a month of celebration. It is a collective celebration of seeing just how far Black people have come during the last several hundred years- and an opportunity to take pride in these achievements.
It might be because I am an irritated Black teenager who is tired of people disregarding the significance of this month that I would feel so strongly about it. There is nothing about this month that seeks to destroy society, or make anyone feel like their achievements are insignificant because they are not black. If a month with such wholesome intention seems to be so bothersome, then maybe some deliberation must occur within oneself to understand where such frustration originated.
Nevertheless, if it bothers you that much, fret not my friend, it is the shortest month of the year.