Years of Practice Help Morrisson Reach All-State


by Serena Carney – Serena Carney

After playing the trombone for almost 5 years now, Nathan Morrison’s hard work has finally been rewarded.
After playing the trombone for years, Morrisson has proved his talents by qualifying for All State, Morrisson shares what it takes for him to develop his talent and learn new music “I try to practice 5 times a week for at least 30 or 40 minutes” says Morrisson.
Morrisson explained what encourages him and inspired him to play the trombone, “I joined in 6th grade band thinking it looked fun where I got an instructor who encouraged me,” “My personal influences as far as classical music is a lot of Gustavo Holst” said Morrisson. Gustav Holst is a British composer who died in in 1934.
Like many musicians Morrisson did not start out playing the trombone, “My first instrument was piano but once I started playing trombone I stopped using piano” said Morrisson, who no longer plays the piano, focusing on the trombone only.
Morrisson is just one example of why it is important to always keep trying new things and work hard, like Morrisson it may be rewarding.
Students who have an interest in music can learn a lot from Morrisson “Practice a lot, get to know your instrument, sight reading, and learn to use your key, focus on others who play your instrument to see how it should sound,” said Morrisson. “I put school first sports usually come before music but as long as I budget my time wisely it’s not hard.” said Morrisson about how he balances all of his obligations. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes everyone does, “Try not to dwell on them, move on, focus on not making any more” said Morrisson.
Nathan Morrisson is a committed musician, athlete and student who can be used as inspiration for students and beginning musicians. Congratulate Morrisson on his hard work and all state qualification.

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