Transgender Bathroom Rights: Personal Choice

Transgender bathroom cartoon Jan. issue

by Morgan Marko – News Editor

For the cisgender community, choosing which bathroom to go into is second nature. This may not be the case for many people in the transgender community. The choice in which bathroom to use can depend on which one they are more comfortable using or where they feel the safest. It is an issue that may also aid in strengthening their identity with themselves.
When North Carolina passed a new bathroom law on March 23 of last year, it stirred up a lot of publicity regarding the transgender issue surrounded public restrooms. The law requires transgender people to use the public bathrooms that corresponds with the biological sex stated on their birth certificate. Former President Barack Obama, represented the other side of the story. He considered North Carolina’s take on the issue to be “state-sponsored discrimination.” Members of the LGBTQ+ community have had to constantly fight for the rights in which they believe in, such as gay marriage. Yet the war for transgender rights continues, which may possibly be an even more controversial topic. In the end, transgender people should be able to choose whichever bathroom they are most comfortable using.
A more favorable option that surrounds this issue is to have a gender neutral bathroom. One that you may go in no-matter what sexuality or gender you identify with or your biological gender. A single unisex bathroom will not only accommodate the needs of the transgender community but must also accommodate the needs of someone with disabilities. This option suits the needs of all parties. Unfortunately, not every public building has the facilities to support multiple extra bathrooms.
Some may feel as though allowing transgender people into the restroom of their choice creates an easier way for rapists to enter the bathrooms of their victims. Without raising any eyebrows as to why someone suspicious had entered the restroom. In reality, if someone really wanted to rape someone in the restrooms, and get away with it, they will find a way in no matter how the bathroom issue ends.
In the end, the issue surrounding public restrooms and the Transgender community cannot come to an easy conclusion. It is extremely hard to accommodate, and keep both the LGBTQ+ community and the cisgender community happy and comfortable.

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