Transgender Bathroom Rights: Dangerous Conflict

Transgender bathroom cartoon Jan. issue

by Gunner Ellsworth – Staff Reporter

People have been using public bathrooms without a hitch for decades. Until about the last five years, nobody had any complaints with the gender labels on bathrooms. People were more concerned with far more important things, like war, or more pressing forms of discrimination such as Gay Rights or Black Rights. Now that those issues are in the process of being resolved, people will just move onto the next thing: bathrooms
Transgender people have problems with the fact that gender specific bathrooms discriminate against them. They believe that no matter what gender you physically are you can use either bathroom. They feel that the gender you identify with is the bathroom you should be allowed to use.
Some equal rights advocates would claim this is an excellent policy that should be held by all facility’s containing a public bathroom, but this idea actually affects people far more negatively than positively for two main reasons: first, any person could sexually harass another person in a bathroom with no boundaries on gender, also a person going into a bathroom different than their gender’s respective bathroom, isn’t really that enforceable.
First, any man could go into a bathroom dressed like a woman and say that they identified as a woman. But now you have created the perfect situation in which a person could be raped. Any rapist who says they identify as a woman now has an open doorway to do as they please. They could easily go into a bathroom of the opposite gender and assault someone. With equal rights advocates so up in arms about the amount of rape going on, you would think they might try their best to prevent it instead of offering up a perfect opportunity for it to happen.
Also, before it was ok to go into any bathroom that is preferable, people could go into one and no one could really enforce the rule that it was required to go into your assigned bathroom. If a man wanted to dress like a women and go into the women’s bathroom really who is going to stop them, besides an angry civilian. No law enforcement officer is going to get there quickly enough to enforce this rule, and unless they sexually assault someone then no one could really press charges. The laws only allowing a person to go into the bathroom of their assigned gender aren’t really enforceable.
People might argue that the bathrooms make the transgender people feel accepted and actually protect them from sexual harassment and assault. They also might say that these laws will take away enforcement of singular sex bathrooms. In reality both of these claims are false, these bathrooms open the doorway to sexual assault and harassment due to the ability of either gender to go into either bathroom. It also wasn’t enforced before these laws so saying that the enforcement was oppressive is false and misguided.

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