Simple Steps to Maintain Sanity During Finals Season

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by Angel Terry¬†–¬†Editor-in-Chief

As finals season rapidly approaches students collectively find themselves wondering what steps they need to take to get through it with ease.
A recurring issue seen during finals week is time, and the lack thereof; students feel like they are under a constant time crunch. Below are some time-management tips to navigate through finals week with enough time to study for all your classes.
Prioritizing- While all classes are equally important in terms of a pass or fail grade, students are more confident in their abilities in different classes, and regard some to be more or less important as a result. Prioritize the classes where more help and time is necessary first, then continue work on the classes where not as much help is needed.
Study blocks- Studying in blocks of time instead of one continuous stretch will help keep track of progress, and the satisfaction of achieving small goals at a time will keep students motivated.
Reward yourself- Something that is not commonly suggested as a time-management tip would be to reward yourself after achieving small personal study goals. This keeps students satisfied, and motivated for the next incentive.
While there is no denying the importance of quantified grades of final examinations and mid-terms, the mental and emotional stresses are not brought up in discussion nearly as much. Finals week can be a time of stress and anxiety for students who feel the weight of expectation on their shoulders. Whether it be parental expectation, or personal pressure, the uncertainty of their academic outcomes, and exterior stressors leaves them feeling drained. Below are some things to remember to combat the negative effects that can result from the dreaded finals week:
Your mental stability is far more important- Contrary to popular belief, working yourself to near-death will not guarantee any results that could have been better than if time was taken. Take care of your mind first.
Your grade is not reflective of who you are as an individual- In the event that grades appear to be subpar, remember that some time and effort was put in to it.

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