Pacific Islanders’ Club Promotes Expression Among Members


by Jillian Felker – Entertainment Editor

Students from all over the Pacific such as Samoa, Hawaii, Fiji, and Guam to name only a few of the many islands, join together every Thursday for the Pacific Islanders club. As a group, they learn and share about their culture.
The pacific islands are composed of three ethno-geographic (meaning the geographical distribution of ethnic groups or peoples and the relationship between these groups and their environment) groupings including Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. Although this does exclude several islands and continents such as Australia.
Students in the group range from all over the pacific, students such as the club president Crystal Auelua whom is from Samoa, Fiona Fuala’au (10) also from Samoa, and Donna Maria Sua’paia whom is from Tonga, Samoa, and Fiji.
During a regular meeting, they often explore the life and culture of the people and places on the pacific, but most recently they have been preparing for Cultural night on ________.
Together, they have been practicing a traditional Samoan dance for the night, Auelua said “We’re practicing a traditional Samoan dance. We plan on practicing and doing more stuff from the other pacific islands but we are starting with Samoa first.”
Outside of Kentlake, the group has much to look forward to, as they are also planning to attend other dancing and other cultural competitions. “There’s a competition I think at the end of the year that features dance’s and stuff like that, that we plan on participating in,” Auelua said.
The Pacific islanders club is open to any and all students that are from the Pacific Islands and or anybody who would like to learn and explore the culture, as Auelua said “We like to laugh, and I would say that for the most part we are very outgoing and accepting so if anybody would like to come they can feel accepted in this group.”

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