Kidnapping Blurs Perception of Black Lives Matter

by Yareli Rodriguez – Staff Reporter

Earlier this year, four black teenagers and a young adult were caught livestreaming a disabled white male that had been kidnapped and taken to one of their homes, where he was verbally and physically abused. The event took place in Chicago, and the four young adults, have been “taken into custody” according to the Huffington Post, where they will be punished for wrongdoing against the white male. The four young adults that had caused harm were Jordan Hill (18), Tesfaye Cooper (18), Brittany Covington (18), and Tanishia Covington (24).
Although many people are claiming that Black Lives Matter is responsible for their actions, I disagree. Black Lives Matter is about equality for African American people, for everyone—not about spreading hatred for other races. But as usual, the internet trolls are trying to make the campaign for equality, a negative movement.
The four young adults that had mistreated the white teen were livestreaming the kidnapping had also demanded more attention from the viewers, which angered many, including myself. In the time that the event had been broadcasted, the four young teens yelled, “f—k white people, f—k Trump!”, which caused people to think that it was a Black Lives Matter related event.
To say that the kidnapping is a “Black Lives Matter kidnapping” is ridiculous. On the website of Black Lives Matter, it says “we are broadening the conversation around the state… about the ways in which Black lives are deprived of our basic human rights and dignity”. Meaning, that the movement is meant to raise awareness about the injustice that Black people are constantly going through, not to spread the hate.
It is unfair to say this kidnapping was a part of the Black Lives Matter movement, because all it does is promote hate, which is the complete opposite of what Black Lives Matter stands for. There is no excusing what they did wrong, there is no labeling what they did as a ‘movement’—hate is hate. And hate should not be spread.

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