Girls Basketball Anticipates End of Season

by Morgan Marko – News Editor

As the regular season for our girls’ basketball team is coming to an end it’s time for them to prepare for post-season. Currently in their season they have gone 15-1, their only loss being to the Central Valley Bears. The team is currently ranked number two in the state.
Starting off pre-season the girls are sitting pretty, senior, Kylee Johnson believes they have a good chance of making it past pre-season and into play offs, “I think that if we keep working really hard and we stay determined we have a pretty good shot at making it, that’s obviously our goal is to get back to the place where we were last year and I think we have a good shot,” said Johnson.
One of the things that helps the team stay at the top is their surprisingly their stubbornness, “We’re very stubborn, which sounds like a bad thing, but if we’re down by let’s say 10, since we’re all pretty stubborn were like ‘no, we’re not going to lose this game, no matter what it takes, we’re not going to lose it.’ And sometimes it’s a road block in practice, but in the games it helps us a lot,” said Johnson.
The girl’s success didn’t fall from the sky, Johnson for example has been playing basketball since she was in the third grade. They take it one day at a time, “Every day, reaching our greatest potential, it varies every day, some days it’s ‘hey I’m going to work on re-bounding to the best I can.’ Or ‘we’re going to perfect our plays- we’re just going to do the best we can every day and reach the greatest potential that we can.” Said Johnson. Along with their physical talents they also hold a solid team bond, “As cheesy as it is, we’re really a family. Sometimes we’ll be doing drills and by the end of the drill we’re going to like punch each other in the face, and then, other times, we’re always there for each other even if its basketball related or life related, we’re always listening to each other and always supportive of each other.”
Although they still have a few games in regular season, the girls still have to face their toughest competition on Jan. 20, Kentridge. “For our league, Kentridge is probably our toughest competitor, just because we’ve known them for so long—we’ve played against them for so long and they have a lot of skill.”
Be sure to come out and support our basketball girls in one of their last regular season games! Upcoming games, Jan. 20 against Kentridge, Jan. 24, HOME, against Kennedy Catholic, Jan. 26, against Kentwood.

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