Abortion Issue Laws Threaten Women Nationally


by Fiona Higgins – Staff Reporter

About a month ago, Ohio governor and former presidential candidate John Kasich made a move that has once again brought an extremely dividing topic to light. That topic was abortion, an important decision that should be left up to the mother’s choice. There are those that feel that abortion is killing a baby, or goes against what God wanted, or any number of things. I am not one of those people.
In this case, Kasich vetoed a bill that would have become the most restrictive abortion law in the country, dubbed the “Heartbeat Bill”, which would have cut off allowing abortions after the fetal heartbeat can be heard, approximately six weeks after pregnancy starts. The bill also would not have provided any exceptions for the mother’s health, or if the mother had been raped and was unwilling to have the child.
Instead, the governor passed a bill that cuts off abortions after twenty weeks, with exceptions only if the baby will not survive the pregnancy.
Many people think of abortion as a nasty procedure where the mother has to go under the knife, but that simply is not true. For the most part, if a woman does not want a baby, she will decide that very quickly, and it can be done with medication. If it’s too far for that, even then the process involves only mild sedation and suction.
So, if abortion is not harmful to the mother or the undeveloped fetus, you may wonder why so many have such a huge issue with it. There certainly is a spectrum of views, as not everyone who is pro-life think the same thing.
Some think that if the mother or child will not survive the pregnancy, then it would be alright for the pregnancy to be terminated. Others believe that if the mother was raped and is having the child against her will, then she should not be forced to keep it. But there are always those who think that, no matter what, the child should be born. Much of it is religious reasoning, stating, like Sydna Masse of Ramah’s Voice: Abortion Recovery Blog, that “After abortion, one is dead and one is wounded”, and “It was safe and legal but that didn’t make it right in the eyes of God”.
Think about it this way; Imagine you have agreed to go to a scary movie with your friends. Maybe you did not really want to go, but they pressured you into it. Halfway through, you want to leave because you do not like it but they told you that you are not allowed to. This is a much less extreme example, but, very understandably you would feel irritated because your decisions are being made for you and you have no say.
For a woman pressured by her family, by the people outside a Planned Parenthood clinic, or by the government telling her what she has to do with the being inside of her, this is a reality.
Whether you are a teen who needs to be in school without a child, a woman raped by a stranger, or simply someone who does not want kids yet, it should not be up to complete strangers to tell women what they can and can’t do with their own bodies.
The fact that John Kasich is choosing to pass this law only now shows how society has already done a rapid change with the current President-Elect. Kasich has stated that the reason the bill was passed was because that Donald Trump will likely be electing conservative judges to the Supreme Court, judges who will be very unlikely to overturn the bill. With incoming change quickly approaching, women in need of an abortion are quickly going to run out of options if this is the way things are heading for the next four years.

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