Cuban President Fidel Castro Dies After 50 Years in Power


by Yareli Rodriguez – Staff Reporter

Fidel Castro, after almost 50 long years of being in power at Cuba, died of natural causes at the age of 90. Since his death had been announced by his brother, Raul Castro, the people had gone out to pay their respects. According to NBC, China had also paid their respects to Castro by leaving flowers near the Cuban Embassy in Beijing, China.
While many believed that Castro was a good leader, many others disagree— he remained an icon of rebellion, but he also controlled everything about Cuba. As a dictator, he did not allow anyone to enter or leave beyond the Cuban borders, and whenever the people had tried to escape, they would either be sent to jail, or would be executed.
As well as mourning his passing, many celebrated the death of the dictator. Cuba had been left in the hands of Fidel’s brother, Raul Castro, he plans to carry out Fidel’s plans of keeping Cuba a strictly communist country. “Yes, we will overcome any obstacle, turmoil or threat in the building of socialism in Cuba,” Raul told Cuba.
According to the Los Angeles Times, Raul had taken “steps to open up Cuba’s economy… giving Cubans greater freedom to travel abroad.” While Fidel had made it clear he didn’t want Cubans leaving the country, Raul made it easier for Cubans to travel.
Although Raul Castro promises to continue Fidel’s legacy of spreading communism, he declared that he would step down in office in 2018.
Fidel Castro’s passing came as a surprise and left many in shock, whether it be from relief that Cuba’s dictator had passed, or of sadness that Cuba had lost what many considered a charming leader. Though half the country is still mourning, it is unknown what Cuba’s future holds now that Fidel is no longer in power.

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