Buying Ethical Gifts for Loved Ones Presents Benefits This December

by Grace Frunk  – Ad Manager

When it comes to buying gifts for loved ones, buying great, inexpensive and luxurious gifts should not be hard. However, finding what brands to support when buying your gifts can be.
Brands that are worth supporting are brands that are cruelty free, use ethnically bought products, and have some factor that is not only important to support, but also can add another positive aspect to the present.
Lush is a store that sells all the self-care products your loved ones could ever need. They provide a wide range of products for both men and women of all ages. Product prices range from low to high, around $10-30. Lush provides products that are handmade, fight animal testing, ethically sourced, and 100 percent vegetarian.
Finding brands that are worth supporting can be easy. Decide on a gift idea, for example cologne. Google “cruelty-free cologne” Then look at the “shop on google” section. A brand like Herban Cowboy will come up. From there, it is as easy as going to the website and taking a short glance at their page and finding out they are make “vegan certified organic grooming product.”
For those who have no gift idea in mind then the following are some brands that create unique products:
G-star Raw, Project vortex and Parley for the Oceans created clothing and accessories made out of eco-friendly fabric made out of fibers derived from plastic bottles found in the ocean. United by Blue creates outdoor clothing and accessories for both men and women. For every product sold, they remove one pound of trash from oceans and waterways.
Woodzee creates sunglasses that for every pair they sell a tree is planted, the glasses are made out of recycled, natural and biodegradable materials. H&M conscious collection, Olivia Wilde’s collaboration with the brand H&M, created organic cotton, mulberry silk and sequins made of recycled plastic. Amour Vert provides made in the USA products that use non-toxic dyes, and sustainable fibers. For every tee bought they plant a tree.
If looking for a company to support, but unsure about purchasing gifts online, try buying local. Buying local is a great way to support people trying to start, or trying to maintain a business.
Finding a local business can be as easy going to downtown Kent. In Kent, there are stores like Moore than Rocks which sells various products such as crystals, and incense. Wild Wheat Bakery, in downtown Kent provides amazing meals and pastries. A gift card for them would make many loved ones happy. Both of these places are local, and are places to find wonderful gifts.
It is not hard to find good gifts that also do something good for the planet. Gifts do not have to be expansive. A good purchase is a purchase that helps to support a brand and help a cause. Friends and family will love these gifts because it is helping a cause, came from someone they love, and are overall great presents.

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