Brazilian Soccer Team’s Plane Crashes: Only Three Survivors

by Tatyana Ivanchuk – Staff Reporter

Just thirty minutes short from their destination the plane crashed. With only six survivors a plane filled with Brazilian soccer players crashed Monday November 28. The pilots reported electrical problems. The engine was fried, there were reports that the plane had ran out of fuel. Though even with this information, the reason for the crash is still up in the air.
When the Red Cross arrived there was no fire which seems to be the reason why there are a few survivors. Luckily, the plane was out of fuel because if there was fuel in the plane then it would have caused an explosion, but since there was no fuel in the plane there was no fire. Only six out of the seventy-seven people survived this tragic crash. Unfortunately, only three of the six crash are still survivors here recovering from their injures, the other either died before they got to the hospital or at the hospital.
According to daily mail, Erwin Tumiri was a crew member on the plane that went down with the Brazilian soccer team, Chapecoense.
“During the situation, many stood up from their seats and they started to shout.” Said Erwin Tumiri. What Tumiri knew was if he kept calm and put his head down, that he would be less at risk. “I put the bags in between my legs to form the fetal position that is recommended in the accidents.” Tumiri said, he believes this procedure is what saved his life.
The crash happened when they were flying out from Santa Cruz they crashed in an area called Cerro El Gordo near Medellin. And the Red cross had arrived at the scene at 10:30pm.
The team was set to play at the Colombian club Atletico National on November 30th. The match would have been the first leg of the South American Cup Finals.
A couple days later on December 3rd, 2016 half of the Brazilin city came out to the Chapecpense stadium to watch soldiers carry the team in coffins out to the stadium. In the stands the fans cried out and chanted the name of their idol. As the soldiers carried the coffins in the rain, the friends and family of the players were waiting to see them.

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