Underclassmen shine in volleyball


by Jett Gonzales – Staff Reporter

The Kentlake girls’ volleyball team is having a solid season, they are currently seven and six. They are also looking to finish the season strong and to make a run in the playoffs. “They’re going to be tough games.” Middle blocker, outside hitter and leader in hit percentage, Morgan Colston said
But, winning tough games has been a staple in Kentlake girls’ volleyball for years. Historically, girls’ volleyball has been the most successful sport. Winning the 4A state championship 3 years in a row from the years 2000 to 2002 and producing U.S. Olympian and NCAA national champion Courtney Thompson. But how does this years’ team stack up to past teams? “We’re on our way back up” said Colston, “My senior year will be our best.”
Just like how Courtney Thompson was to her team, every team has one or two players that stand out amongst the rest, one name that came up was Emma Agostini, a freshman, “She has great energy and is always positive” said Colston. Agostini is also fourth in kills and third in aces. This team is young with six players being underclassmen. They have a lot of potential and they are looking for a strong finish to this season.

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