Tennis team fosters love for sport despite rough season


by Asaiah Alejo – Staff Reporter

Twelve students made a great effort this season for boy’s tennis with a record of 1-14. Senior, Nathan Hanis the varsity team captain partnered up with Gunnar Ellsworth for a dynamic duo. Nathan and Gunnar accomplished to overcome this crucial season with tough opponents. Winning their first match this season against Kent Meridian.
Kjellden Knutzen, Junior Varsity player said “A lot of people think tennis is an easy sport but in reality tennis is a lot more difficult than you think. Physically you are drained from intense practices, running outside gives a high toll and affects players on how you preform. Not only does it also affect you physically but also mentally, trying to predict your opponents next move is a large part of the game anticipations is one of the many skills I learned this year. My favorite part about tennis was the single matches, everything was a lot faster paced and you could easily take all the credit if you win. It’s all up to you to win the match.”
Interviewing Brandon Jessup he had great spirit about this season he wants everyone to join and try it out. Brandon also said, “Tennis is what ‘d call a chill sport. While it is competitive, being on the team doesn’t give you any pressure, you can be playing at any level and still fit in. Also, the team position is amazing, full of really fun people.” With a great positive outlook and great team unity Tennis sounds like a great sport to join.

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