Questionable character with unclear policies

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by Matthew Silva – Guest Writer

What is most surprising about the 2016 election is how little the people of the United States seem to care about how well each candidate would do in office. It seems that flame wars on social media about the latest scandal involving the candidates have gotten more attention than what policies they would enact, and even take up the majority of time in the debates. As awful as the situation is for the people who have the choose between two evils, Hillary Rodham Clinton is in fact the worse candidate.
The 30,000 emails that Clinton deleted containing classified material clearly stands out as the elephant in the room. To quickly address this, it was a highly illegal act and falls under the following regulations, “Mishandling Classified Information”, which requires all classified information to be handled on government approved servers, the “2009 Federal Records Act”, which stated any classified information must be handled on a federal record system, and the “Freedom of Information Act” that allows for the full or partial disclosure of previously unreleased information and documents controlled by the United States government.
In these regards, Clinton is similar to Richard Nixon, who lied about his involvement in breaking into the democrat headquarters at Watergate hotel, deleted 8 minutes of security footage, and was impeached for it. Clinton however, despite breaking several laws, is still running strong. This clearly shows that she has little respect for the law if it overshadows her own convenience, and abuse of power is soon to follow if she is elected.
Much of Clinton’s campaign has simply attacked the other candidate. She has spent over 400 million dollars on her campaign, according to Washington Post. A campaign that released next to no details on what she planned to do with the economy, immigration policies, the threat of domestic terrorism, and numerous other issues facing the United States.
On immigration, she has simply said, “I think all of us on this stage agree that we need comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. Border security has always been a part of that debate. And it is a fact that the net immigration from Mexico and South has basically zeroed out.”
On terrorism, “I will be laying out in detail, what I think we need to do with our friends and allies in Europe and elsewhere to do a better job of coordinating efforts against the scourge of terrorism. Our country deserves no less, because all of the other issues we want to deal with depend upon us being secure and strong,” Clinton describes this without ever telling people what it is we need to do.
Instead, Clinton has spent that money attacking her rival nominees and candidates. She has focused her entire campaign on digging up dirt. Clinton has done very little since the beginning of her campaign except attack the other candidates. For example, she tweeted out an article and in describing it said, “A (non-exhaustive) list of all the terrible things Donald Trump has said about women.”
Few people have any idea of what she will do in office, they have just started guessing, and in the end, that’s all we can do with Hillary. We have no guarantees of what will happen, good or bad.
In the end, Clinton is the worst candidate. Not because of the numerous scandals surrounding the Clinton family, or because of her personal life, but because nobody seems to know what she would do with the position. She has the capability to abuse power in office without a second thought, and in the end, we do not need someone in office, who doesn’t know their own motivations, goals, and aspirations.
The ballot shouldn’t be decided by scandal. It should be decided by policy, and Clinton does not seem to have decided hers.

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