Katie Beliveau wins first in district


by Lauren KillgrovePhoto Editor

This fall, the girls swim team has glowed with team spirit and swimming talent. This year, the team has dealt with change and has shown that they are a talented group of swimmers.
This year, the team has gone through many changes. A new coaching staff has been gained, and there has been a loss of swimmers. The new coach this year is named Erin Eronemo. The girls are already familiar with Erin, as he was assistant coach last year. The new assistant coach, Patty, has helped the swimmers train. Patty also coaches triathlons and has the girls do long distance swimming during practice.
The team has bonded incredibly over the summer and fall. Through 5:30 AM practice sessions during the summer and matches in the fall, the girls have gotten closer and bonded. According to team captain Carmen Conforti, the team’s attitude and bond is one of the greatest things about the season, as well as the relays and higher amount of swimmers willing to do long-distance.
The team has struggled this year with a total of two wins and five losses. Though the team has not held up a winning streak, it is still thinking strong and looking on the bright side of things. Conforti has described the season as a “building year,” as the team has lost many of last years’ graduating swimmers. Even though the team is smaller than last years’, it constists talented and hard-working swimmers. Swimmers Katie Beliveau, Cecilia Loudermilk, Cassandra Padilla, and Haley Pond are heading off to the district competition. Beliveau has won first place in league, with Padilla following close in second.
Through change in staff and swimming members along with unsuccessful scores, the team has maintained a positive attitude and has hopes that next year will be more successful.

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