Pokęmon go or no – SUCCESS


by Gunner Ellsworth – Staff Reporter

Pokémon GO is a game that has been revolutionizing the Pokémon franchise. This app is a GPS location based game that as you find Pokémon, you then catch them, and make them stronger. Pokémon go is an excellent advocate for making us healthier and happier.
Pokémon Go is making people exercise. It’s hard to stay active, whether it’s going to a gym or on a run there always seems to be an excuse to get out of it. Pokémon Go is helping people exercise more.
They have fun searching for Pokémon, and exercising without the grueling exertion of physical fitness. You can burn 138 calories an hour playing Pokémon go. Playing for 43 minutes a day, 7 days a week burns 1795 calories for males (equal to 7 small chocolate doughnuts), or Playing 43 minutes a day and catching around 22 Pokémon a day translates to 1 pound lost for males every 13.75 days, 1 pound lost for females every 16.27 days
Pokémon go is helping people’s mental health, people are benefitting from endorphins released from walking. These endorphins improve mental health. Roughly 43.8 million adults in the United States experience mental illness every year: equal to 1 in 5 adults. Mental illness is especially prominent in the video game world. But Pokémon Go players are finding the game helps them cope with General Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Depression.
The app is also bringing people to places they’ve never been before. Pokémon in the game typically gather around Pokéstops which are usually important places in your community. Also, gyms are in important places as well and these draw people there. There is a social aspect of going to these places with your friends. Socializing also releases endorphins that make you happier. If people are at theses Poke stops then you might meet someone new!
Businesses have reaped the benefits of the app too, as people visit them to catch rare monsters, like hiking trails and strip malls. 1 in 3 Pokémon Go players admit the game has taken them to a store they’ve never visited15% of Pokémon Go players said the game introduced them to a new restaurant
All these positive aspects of the game make Pokémon Go a beneficial game for society. It improves mental and physical health of its players, makes people more social, and is free advertising for businesses which improve the economy as well.
43% say they have lost weight from playing Pokémon go (average 3.2lbs).


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