Netflix original: Stranger Things leaves viewers wanting more

stranger things

by Yareli Rodriguez – Staff Reporter

Stranger Things is a show that leaves the viewers wanting more—it’s a show that reaches levels of satisfaction that are unbelievable.
Set in Indiana in 1983, the supernatural aspects of the story, such as the idea of other dimensions presented, compliment the dark lighting of the show. Stranger Things offers a spectacular cast with a chemistry between them strong enough to be felt off screen. With a cast of several well-known actors, such as Winona Ryder (known for Edward Scissorhands), and some lesser known actors like Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown, the show comes to life with their vibrant characters.
The show is based around a missing boy (Noah Schnapp) and his friends and family desperately trying to find him, but things take a turn when Chief Hopper (David Harbour) finds something unexpected.
Although the show is already on its season break, a second season has been announced the same way the show opens—with the eerie opening song, only the lights spell out “season two” rather than Stranger Things. The second season’s return was announced via Netflix’s YouTube account on August 31, and is to be expected in 2017. The 56-second trailer announces the titles of the episodes that will be released for the second season, revealing little to no information about said episodes. With elements of struggling in teen love and choosing to listen to authorities or what’s right, this Netflix Original is widely understood amongst young teenagers that may be experiencing similar problems—aside from the supernatural element.

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