Lane credits brother for tennis interest


by Nicholas Runyon – Staff Reporter

Tennis is a pretty fun sport to watch. It is cool going to one of the games and hearing the sound of the ball hitting the racquet giving us nostalgia from years ago, playing WII sports with siblings. The boys tennis team has done pretty good in previous years, unfortunately right now our tennis team is not doing too well, they have lost all their matches so far but they definitely have a chance to catch up.
Brendon Lane, one of the players on the tennis team was interviewed, he was asked when he started playing tennis, Lane said “I started playing tennis a few years ago but didn’t really get into the sport until my freshmen year.” What do you enjoy most about tennis? “I enjoy playing the game with my friends when it’s really relaxed and we can just enjoy playing the game.” Said Lane. While watching the games it is easy to see how much the players enjoy the playing. When asked who his role model was, Lane said “My role model is my older brother because he was the one that got me into tennis and when I was just starting I wanted to get to the point where I was as good as he was, which pushed me to keep playing and get better.” How do you like to prepare for tryouts. “I prepare for tryouts by going out a few weeks before the season starts and practicing with my brothers.” He said. What are some of your goals for this season? Lane said “Some of my goals for this season are to make it higher up on the ladder and to get my varsity letter at the end of the season.” What is your best/worst memory of playing tennis? “My worst memory of playing tennis is when my doubles partner was serving and he hit the ball into the back of my left ear.” He said.
Coach Fredericks was also interviewed, he told me that the reason he coaches tennis is because “Tennis is a good sport, it’s a life sport. You have good kids who play. It’s just an enjoyable, outdoor sport”. When asked how long he has been coaching he said “at Kentlake I’ve been coaching for five years”. One of his best memories of coaching he said was “we played Mt Rainier. It was a great and exiting match. We got 7-6 in the third set, it was just really fun doing it.” How do tennis practices go and how he makes sure to help everyone? he told me that: “while doing drills we go through all six courts and we rotate the courts to make sure I can help everyone” lastly, he was asked how they do tryouts for the tennis team “it’s actually a ‘no cut’ sport, so as long as they come ready for practice there on the team. We get lots of people at various skill levels so we always start with the basics.” Fredericks said.
After watching some games, everyone can see how hard their players play. Let’s see how the rest of the season goes.

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