Junior lot sparks controversy – seniors angered over shared lower lot


by Jillian Felker – Entertainment Editor

As all students know by now, the 2016-2017 school year has begun. Changes are about to come, like the leaves falling off the trees, and the sudden drop in temperature, but some changes will come along with school. This year, as many upperclassmen and drivers may already know, the junior lot has been closed.
Although many are still confused on the reasoning behind this new policy, there is a reason for doing so. Security guard Carl Bonn el, was a part of the decision to close the junior lot, saying “It’s primarily a safety thing. That lot’s pretty secluded from the rest of the school. It gets a lot of ice on it, and during lunch time with it closed it helps to keep the students more-so in one spot. There’s enough spots in the senior lot so it just makes more sense.”
Many faculty members may see this as a positive policy for the following school years, with very positive effects. But, many students, whom have remained anonymous, have taken a negative point of view on the situation. One student pointed out a possible negative affect for part time students, they said “A lot of seniors have first period off, so we never have parking, it’s ridiculous.” Like this student, another individual added their take on the situation. They said, “I think it’s kind of okay, but once the sophomores start getting their license it will start beginning to be a problem towards the end of the year since more people will be driving. I’m kind of okay with it right now, but later I won’t be.”
Though many students may now be expressing their disagreement with the closing of the junior lot, sources have added that they believe it will not be opening again in the near future, but possibly one day it will be open for students again.

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