Falcons beat Royals, remain undefeated


by Jett Gonzales – Staff Reporter

The football team is off to a great start this year. Although it is very early in the season, they are already thinking about this word “championship.” When asked if the team had a legitimate chance of winning a championship this year, coach Thompson responded “We’ve got great talent, but we have to play disciplined football and take it game by game.” Jordan Rosado, guard for the Falcons, believes that the team has a “strong chance.”
One trait about this team that sticks out is the amount of talent it has. Names like Mitchell Lockhart, Brandon Kelly, Eddie Edwards, who had a spectacular 69-yard run against Auburn Mountain View, Larry Alar, who leads the team in interceptions, Trask Rogers, Marques Fuala’au and Tony Heiman are all exceptional players, but these are just a few of the many talented players on this team. The team is currently four and zero, which is the start that this team needs that can lead them all the way.
This year’s team may be filled with talent, but how will future teams stack up. When asked if they will continue to be contenders in future years, coach Thompson responded “I believe we will. The Freshman work incredibly hard.” When asked about talented players on this team coach Thompson mostly named off the Seniors and Juniors, but several names came up from the sophomore and freshman classes. Names such as Hudson Potts, Jeremiah Wood, Alec Johnson and Timothy Engstrom.
This team is extremely dedicated, but when coach Thompson and Jordan Rosado were asked to describe this year’s team in one word, these two powerful words came up. “Resilient” and “Strong.”
So far they have truly embodied these two words, and will continue to for the rest of the season.

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