Esgar Hernandez-Chavez fosters creative expression through fashion

by Anna Hartman – Student Life Editor

Students often discover their passion in high school. For some students, that’s art, or it’s music, or reading, math or writing. But for Esgar Hernandez-Chavez, his passion is fashion design.
“I’ve been designing clothes for about a year now. What motivated me to start designing was that I always had like a sense of fashion, and just knowing that you look good is just a good feeling,” Hernandez-Chavez said on his beginnings in fashion.
Hernandez-Chavez did eventually decide to expand his hobby in fashion beyond just design, and with his line he names Divine, he moved into selling his clothing online, and has no plans to stop there.
“Right now we’re online and right now we’re in the process of starting a website, so yeah. Right now we’re waiting for our clothing to get here. We already ordered about 120 shirts, and we’re going to start selling them online first, and then we’re going to start progressing to selling them in the stores.” Hernandez-Chavez said on his expansion of his fashion line.
He also commented that Divine, primarily designed for those interested in men’s fashion, is inspired by contemporary music artists such as Kanye West, Chris Brown and Jay-Z.
Although Divine’s website is still getting off the ground, Hernandez-Chavez has been thinking about selling his clothing for quite some time, since freshman year, in fact.
Outside of high school, Hernandez-Chavez has big dreams for his brand.
“I want to go into the designing world and sewing, actually, and get more professional,” Hernandez-Chavez said on the future of his line.
“Just knowing that when someone’s wearing something that you made is just like, just exciting. It just motivates you to make more and it’s just a good feeling knowing that they’re wearing something that you made and that no one else has.” Hernandez-Chavez said on what motivates him to design.
Hernandez-Chavez isn’t only driven to design for himself, though, but inspiring others drives his line forward as well. “Just don’t give up and don’t stop. Keep your head big and think outside of the box. Make some designs and you never know when a little sketch can turn into something else.” Hernandez-Chavez said.
Hernandez-Chavez has the drive and the talent in order to make his dream of designing professionally come true. His website will be up soon, and will be sure to attract people from all walks of life with a passion for high-personality, high-fashion clothing.

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