Beyonce shakes America with VMA performance


by Serena Carney – Staff Reporter

Beyoncé absolutely slayed during the 2016 MTV video music awards on Aug 28th by giving an astonishing performance of her new album lemonade, not to mention her beautiful costumes. Still stunning, this 34-year-old singer, dancer and choreographer showed everyone that she still has what it takes to be Queen B.
The performance was extremely powerful, addressing a few large problems effecting the world currently, including police brutality, racism and sexism.
Beyoncé opened up with “Pray You Catch Me,” she portrayed a woman next to her dropping dead. During her beautiful performance, Beyoncé stood in front of someone wearing a hoodie, an important reference to what Treyvon Martin was wearing when he was killed.
What made the performance even more real is the sudden sound of gunshots, making connections to the Black Lives Matter movement. Beyoncé’s dancers fell when red lights hit them during the gunshot sounds. The hooded figure, along with Beyoncé’s guest performers, was a powerful reminder of how celebrities can influence others in a positive way especially by spreading awareness of issues.
The performance then transitioned into “Hold Up” and “Sorry” songs that talk about Beyoncé’s husband, Jay-Z’s, alleged affair, fire was one way Beyoncé showed the world an angry, more ferocious side of herself, sure to leave an impression.
To finish the show Beyoncé ended with her song “Formation” where she had ended her amazing performance surrounded by a number of back up dancers arranged to show the female symbol clearly standing up for women empowerment. Beyoncé uses her fame to often speaks out about many issues such as racial injustice and sexism. The music video for “Formation” is showed using a Black child across from police in riot gear and references to resent shootings.
When Beyoncé finished her performance at the VMAs, she was met by a standing ovation, the only response for such a jaw dropping performance.

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