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by Lauren KillgrovePhoto Editor

The Emmy-award winning show American Horror Story has released its new season earlier this month. On Wednesday, Sept. 14, people gathered around their televisions to catch a glimpse of what story they would view next. Season six appears promising and impressive.
Nearly everything about season six has been a mystery until now. Writers have been rather secretive about what the new season will be about, and have not given a name to it until the season premier, titled Roanoke. There wasn’t much information except for the premier date, the recurring cast, and that the story will take place in the present.
Roanoke watches like a documentary. The story starts with the characters Shelby and Matt Miller (portrayed by Lily Rabe and André Holland) beginning their story.
The scene then shifts to a “dramatic reenactment” where the Millers are portrayed by Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr. As the episode continues, viewers only get introduced to a few of the main characters of the story. As they meet Lee Miller (portrayed by Adina Porter in the telling and Angela Basset in the reenactment), we see more of the background of the characters, and it becomes apparent that that is what the first episode really focuses on. It has been noticed that viewers mainly get a backstory to the characters, and not the house or the town.
This strategy of story-telling is admirable. The overall plot already seems similar to the series’ first season, Murder House, and telling the story in documentary style makes a similar tale refreshing.
This new way of storytelling is different, and not what fans are used to, and because of this it does not really seem like the other seasons. With every season like a movie, it’s difficult to be comfortable with watching this season in documentary format. It does not really feel like the classic American Horror Story at first because before, viewers got to see a story unfold in the eyes of the characters, but now it’s being told by the characters and doesn’t give off the same element of surprise as before.
Ultimately, the audience has high hopes for this next season. There is potential in Roanoke, although hopefully it doesn’t end up being a flop like Coven or Freak Show.


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