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Pokęmon go or no – SUCCESS


by Gunner Ellsworth – Staff Reporter

Pokémon GO is a game that has been revolutionizing the Pokémon franchise. This app is a GPS location based game that as you find Pokémon, you then catch them, and make them stronger. Pokémon go is an excellent advocate for making us healthier and happier.
Pokémon Go is making people exercise. It’s hard to stay active, whether it’s going to a gym or on a run there always seems to be an excuse to get out of it. Pokémon Go is helping people exercise more.
They have fun searching for Pokémon, and exercising without the grueling exertion of physical fitness. You can burn 138 calories an hour playing Pokémon go. Playing for 43 minutes a day, 7 days a week burns 1795 calories for males (equal to 7 small chocolate doughnuts), or Playing 43 minutes a day and catching around 22 Pokémon a day translates to 1 pound lost for males every 13.75 days, 1 pound lost for females every 16.27 days
Pokémon go is helping people’s mental health, people are benefitting from endorphins released from walking. These endorphins improve mental health. Roughly 43.8 million adults in the United States experience mental illness every year: equal to 1 in 5 adults. Mental illness is especially prominent in the video game world. But Pokémon Go players are finding the game helps them cope with General Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Depression.
The app is also bringing people to places they’ve never been before. Pokémon in the game typically gather around Pokéstops which are usually important places in your community. Also, gyms are in important places as well and these draw people there. There is a social aspect of going to these places with your friends. Socializing also releases endorphins that make you happier. If people are at theses Poke stops then you might meet someone new!
Businesses have reaped the benefits of the app too, as people visit them to catch rare monsters, like hiking trails and strip malls. 1 in 3 Pokémon Go players admit the game has taken them to a store they’ve never visited15% of Pokémon Go players said the game introduced them to a new restaurant
All these positive aspects of the game make Pokémon Go a beneficial game for society. It improves mental and physical health of its players, makes people more social, and is free advertising for businesses which improve the economy as well.
43% say they have lost weight from playing Pokémon go (average 3.2lbs).


Pokęmon go or no – FAIL


by Jessica Pahutski – Staff Editor

Ever since its release back in July, Pokémon GO has skyrocketed Pokémon’s popularity to levels not seen since 1998. It seemed that, at least for a while, it was everywhere. People walking down the street, across the street, into oncoming traffic…Quite literally everywhere. It was inescapable.
When Pokémon GO first came out, there were many bugs, it was almost like it was released in its alpha or early beta state. And it was. Look out world, version 0.38 is coming soon. This time, they will fix some graphical thing nobody cared about and break what is left of this internally rotting ball.
In all seriousness, Pokémon GO should…well…go. Not only is it extremely and noticeably unfinished; it is antithetical to the core values of the series and, above all, completely pointless.
First, that “version 0.38” line is not a joke: the game was released in a version number reserved for beta builds. This situation just so happens to be a lot like a certain other (in)famous game based on a popular series–that game was E.T. for the Atari 2600. E.T.’s programmer was given just six weeks to make it from scratch in order to get it out by Christmas.
That happened thirty-four years ago. Sure, that one sold a lot too, but look what it did to the people behind it and the fledgling industry. It almost single-handedly ended both.
What makes the matter even worse, it came out after “Pokémon Sun and Moon” was announced, which is pointless on virtually every level.
If it were out, say, last year, then it would have much more impact on the series. Heck, January or even early February would’ve been better for it. It either should’ve come out before the first trailer on Feb. 26 or waited until after Nov. 18 for the hype around the other games to die down in order to make sure more people would be playing it.
This issue doesn’t get better, it gets worse. Pokémon GO, by design, actively goes against the “love and friendship” idea of the rest of the franchise. Happen to catch a Pokémon with a low power level? Just go out and get a better one. Those “things” do not have real value if they cannot beat some other guy’s “thing.” All that is needed to evolve one is to catch a whole bunch of that species. It’s not like they are individuals or anything. The funny thing is, they are.
Having fallen in love with Pokemon at the age of 5 with LeafGreen, followed by Emerald, Pearl, Platinum, SoulSilver, White, White 2 and Y, it is no wonder that Pokemon is close to my heart. They were, are, and always will be close friends, and no amount of shiny AR gimmicks and Wi-Fi horsehockey can ever change that.
But stay far away from GO. And if a friend or two has it and invites you to join in, it would be best to politely decline and move on. Something better is on the horizon; go towards it.


Kaepernick protests injustice in America

13880065213_4d1101c88f_n IMG_2554

by Nick Shepard – Staff Reporter

Controversy has arisen in recent weeks over San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest aimed towards the meaning behind our flag. His protest began on Aug. 26th in a pre-season game against the Green Bay Packers. Explaining after the game, Kaepernick said that he was, “not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”
He’s gained many supporters and followers, one being, Megan Rapinoe of the Seattle Reign. Rapinoe kneeled during the national anthem in a Sept. 4th game against the Chicago Red Stars.
But for all the support Kaepernick’s getting, he’s also getting a lot of opposition. Gary Radnich, a radio host in the San Francisco area, tweeted, “Kaepernick not standing for National Anthem: I respect Freedom of choice but if he really wants to take a stand? Give back his NFL salary!!!” The majority of people, however, seem to feel that while he constitutionally has the right to protest, he isn’t necessarily going about it the right way.
When asked how they would respond to a school football player protesting the anthem, Coach Thompson said that he would be “disappointed”, but said he, “would respect their freedom of expression.” Football player Kristian Mcfarland said that “it would be his right not to stand, but I would think of him more poorly as a person.”
As the situation develops, people are beginning to choose sides, some NFL players joining Kaepernick in his protest, and others, like our Seattle Seahawks, are doing demonstrations of their own. On Sept. 11 in a game against the Miami Dolphins, they linked arms as a team during the National Anthem, to show their “team unity” and to “honor our country”.
As more of these protests take place, it is becoming apparent that the spotlight is moving away from Kaepernick and instead being focused on what it means to truly be free.

Epi-Pen price raise causes strain on families

Epi-Pen_2016by Nick Shepard  Staff Editor

Picture this: a family has two children with life threatening food allergies – it is not an unlikely scenario, as food allergies can be passed down genetically.
An Epi-Pen, the life saving drug that can postpone anaphylaxis 10 to 20 minutes, costs only $100. The family figures that with five Epi-Pens on hand at all times, each of their children would have at least roughly an hour to get to a medical center if they were to ingest an allergen. Since they have two kids, they’re only out $1000 per year, since the rough working life of an Epi-Pen is one year.
Suddenly, the Epi-Pen owner, Mylan, jacks the price up 600 percent. Now you’re shelling out $6000 a year – something many families simply cannot afford to do.
In 2014, the median household income in the U.S. was $53,657. If families are in fact paying full price for all of their Epi-Pens, they will be spending roughly 11% of their entire salary. This hypothetical family is not an unlikely one, seeing as there are roughly 15 million Americans with food allergies.
With such a huge portion of a family’s income going towards simply keeping their children alive, it’s hard to imagine how they could even fathom paying for something that’s becoming an increasing necessity to succeed economically in the U.S. – college.
If we want our country to reassert itself as one of the most educated and opportunity-filled countries on the planet, we’ll need to start holding corporate America accountable for their decisions and stop allowing them to choose to do whatever would cut them the biggest profit.
Here’s the kicker – the CEO of Mylan, Heather Bresch, is the daughter of none other than U.S. Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Interesting, isn’t it, that the daughter of a powerful politician, is able to legally make such a poor, cruel decision? With any luck, she’ll be getting cracked down on hard in the coming weeks and months.
The leading seeker of prosecution for Bresch is another U.S. Senator, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, whose own daughter carries an Epi-Pen at all times. She’s representative of the silent majority of those with food allergies and their families – except she has a voice on the national stage. With people like her in power and the amount of publicity that is coming as a result of the greed of Bresch and her father, eventually this atrocity will be corrected.
But that’s just one example out of the hundreds of big companies, pharmaceutical or otherwise, who have exploited their consumers at every chance they get. If we want our country to continue to smoothly function economically, we must make the big companies, like Mylan, play fair and look beyond their own bank accounts when pricing their products.

Lochte’s errors cause shame nationwide


by Jett Gonzales – Staff Reporter

The 2016 Summer Olympics was a success for the United States, but there was one unfortunate event that took away from that success. Ryan Lochte, 12-time Olympic medalist, was at the center of a terrible lie that hurt the reputation of not only the Olympic team but also the country.
Many athletes and non-athletes around the globe respect Lochte for his array of accomplishments in and out of the pool. But, after learning about what he did in Brazil, it was hard for many to believe that he would do something so horrible.
On Lochte and three other Olympic swimmers, Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigan were all caught in a lie in which they tried to make it seem that they were victims of an armed robbery in Brazil. The swimmers claimed that they were pulled over in their taxi and robbed at gunpoint.
But, Rio police claim that the four swimmers were drunk and vandalized a gas station. They also said that security guards working at the gas station had shown a badge and recognized that a gun was drawn.
Lochte ended up taking full responsibility and admitted his mistakes. In an Instagram post, Lochte apologized. He said, “for not being more careful and candid in how I described the events of that early morning.”
This incident was not only embarrassing for Lochte and the Olympic swim team, but also for America. It took away from the amazing performances of the U.S. Olympians in Rio.
The U.S. women swept the 100m hurdles, Helen Maroulis became the first U.S. woman to win gold in wrestling, women’s gymnastics was demolishing the field, Katie Ledecky was making world class swimmers look insignificant, and Usain Bolt became the first man to win gold in the 100m and 200m 3 Olympics in a row. These were all amazing performances, but many of them were over shadowed by the enormous mistake that Lochte made.
Lochte and company could have just told the truth. Sure, telling the truth would have been hard, and there still would have been consequences, but lying about it and making the issue greater than it should have been, had no benefit at all.
Lochte did not get off empty handed, the swimmer payed dearly for his mistakes. He has lost all of his sponsors and his actions have made him an embarrassment to America. Hopefully other athletes, and just people in general, can learn from his mistake.

Dakota access pipeline ruins sacred grounds; protesters rally


by Madison Marko – Opinion Editor

Native Americans throughout the country have been protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline since its approval in late July. On Sept. 3, a peaceful protest was turned into a bloodbath when the pipeline’s security guards began violently attacking the demonstrators.
The Dakota Access Pipeline is a $3.7 billion pipeline that is being engineered by Energy Transfer Partners to carry approximately 470,000 to 570,000 barrels of crude oil per day. The pipeline is set to run through North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois. According to Energy Transfer Partners, the pipeline is anticipated to be functional by late 2016. The land it will slice through will include ancestral and sacred burial grounds of the Standing Rock Sioux, a long-standing Native American tribe in North Dakota.
Supporters of the pipeline are focused on the impact that the engineering feat could have on the economy. The Dakota Access Pipeline could potentially create up to 12,000 local jobs during its construction, and will rack in $50 million annually in property taxes, as well as $74 million in sales taxes. This money will positively impact many government-run projects and structures, like the states’ school systems and roads.
Although there is support behind the oil-bearing pipeline, many groups— environmental and tribal—are opposed to the pipeline. Both groups want to focus on transitioning to renewable energy sources, and agree that the project goes directly against this vision.
The Standing Sioux Tribe in particular claim to be affected by the pipeline, stating how it could damage their main water supply, Lake Oahe, as well as their sacred and ancestral burial grounds. The tribe has not stood by complacently as the pipeline’s construction has been underway—the tribe, as well as other protestors, have been fighting against the creation of the pipeline since its approval in late July.
The Standing Sioux Tribe filed a lawsuit in July against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. In the lawsuit, the Standing Sioux said that the pipeline, “threatens the Tribe’s environmental and economic well-being, and would damage and destroy sites of great historic, religious, and cultural significance to the Tribe.” They also requested that construction on the pipeline be stopped.
The tribe was denied by James E. Boasberg, a federal judge in Washington DC, who said that they had started their protesting too late in the game. On Sept. 12, the tribe sent in a motion for an appeal that has not yet been approved or rejected.
Along with the legal struggles, the Standing Sioux Tribe, along with many other tribes and activists, have been peacefully protesting the construction of the pipeline. On Sept. 3, protestors were attacked by dogs and pepper sprayed by Energy Transfer Partner mercenaries. Nearly a week later, on Sept. 9, the Obama administration ordered construction on the pipeline to stop near Lake Oahe.
Dave Archambault II, the chairman of the Standing Sioux Tribe, said, “The Tribe has stood up to combat the oppression and injustice they and Native Americans throughout our country have faced for generations, and the administration was right to recognize it.”
The Department of Justice, Army, and Interior have requested that Energy Transfer Partners stop construction near Lake Oahe until it is decided whether the construction violates the National Environmental Policy Act.

Freshman retreat, opportunity for freshman to bond as falcons

by Reonna Haywood – Staff Reporter

The Freshman Retreat was held Sept. 22 and 28 at Lake Retreat The retreat focuses on helping freshman to feel welcome at school, and on the core values that Falcons should emulate including: family, attitude, leadership, commitment, ownership, never give up, and sportsmanship. Throughout the day, the freshmen participate in various activities to help them further understand these values and so they get to know one another. The activities are led by teachers with help from Link Crew members.
Freshman Porschia MacConaghy said, “I really liked the freshman retreat it was super fun, totally worth doing all the homework that I missed. I met a lot of people and I loved the excitement and all the fun games we got to do there. It was just a super fun experience that I got to meet a whole bunch of people. We played this one game, where we had to give a gift to someone, and we all had to decide who the gift was. I was nominated but I really didn’t feel like I needed the gift, so all the people that were nominated, nominated someone else like not in the group. It was really fun to watch him and his surprise when he opened it. I would go again.” MacConaghy said.
History and psychology teacher Mike Shepherd attended the first session as a speaker and also led a group of students through the various activities. Shepherd said, “I enjoy the opportunity to talk to the new falcons especially being the old falcon in the building. It was fun to pass on some messages from our past and I am excited for what our future looks like.”
Freshman Alfred Chol said, “It was pretty fun, what we did there was we went in to groups. We introduced ourselves and we were able to create like structures to represent our school. We made our own chant. We created our own chant as a group, we made our own beat and a say, we were talking about falcon pride and we were able to get free shirts. I felt welcome, and I met a lot of new people I made a couple new friends. It was a different experience, I feel more welcome like being introduce to more people and having people I know in the group. We shared some similarities and we were able to learn more about each other.” Chol said.
Leadership teacher Gregory Kass is in charge of the organization of the day, along with Rick Chance. “It’s a great opportunity for the freshmen to come together as one, they come from different middle schools as you know. A lot of them come from Cedar Heights, we get probably 25% of our kids from Mattson, as well of course a few kids from Meeker, Meridian and of course the kids that move in from out of the district. It’s an opportunity for them to know one another that’s just a huge thing because they’re not timberwolves, mustangs or bull dogs they’re falcons. Chances to know one another are fantastic, not only do they get to know one another as far as their class of 2020, but also the fact they get to know upperclassmen in the falcon crew, link crew kids and leadership kids that are helping out. We also get the opportunity to get to know all the different people that make Kentlake great they would be freshman, seniors sophomores and junior, secretaries, security officers, administrators and teachers. Everyone is a part of the falcon family rather than they’re in the building as an adult, as a student, or a community member. It gives them the opportunity to do some fun something, be creative together, and learn about what it means to be a freshman, not only for the retreat that day or the first semester or their first year but for the next four years of their life. It really sets them up and they get different perspective from one another, from the upper classmen and from the adults. It’s a lot of fun; we scream and yell and have fun. We get some shirts and do some bad dancing, music and chanting. I love doing the freshman retreat, to be honest it’s a lot of work to put it together, but selfishly, I love to be in front of people and to interact with kids, and to get to do it with some of my good friends like Mr. Simmons. It’s like every year you think “oh that group was soo amazing, but every year new freshman come through, and there just as amazing so I love interacting, and having fun, and getting to know them at a different level because sometimes they see me as a guy as a shirt and tie at school who talks about their grades. I love the energy in their eyes; I’m going to be 50 and I still feel like I am a young kid of heart and so much of it… is the kids who bring it out of me.” Kaas said.

Kevin Durant signs with Golden State Warriors

by Gunner Ellsworth – Staff Reporter

This summer, one of the most historic moments of all time in the NBA occurred; Kevin Durant was signed to the Golden State Warriors. He will now be teaming up with the likes of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to compete for the NBA title.
First, about Kevin Durant as a player. Senior Tyson Wenger said that “He is soft”, but let’s look at what Durant has done. He was the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 2014, four-time NBA scoring champion, NBA Rookie of the Year: 2008, six-time All-NBA selection, and seven-time NBA All-Star.
For this reason, many teams wanted Durant to be released from his free agency, including the Celtics, Clippers, and Spurs. When asked, if Durant should have picked a different team, Junior Zach Archibald said, “No!! there is no better team than Golden State.”
The main concern that has risen by Kevin Durant joining the warriors is him having to share the spotlight with Stephen Curry, last year’s MVP.
Senior Julien Potts’ thoughts on this were, “With Durant joining the Warriors it could create a chemistry shift on the team, seeing as Curry took the majority of the shots last year, and with the addition of KD there are less shots for the best backcourt in the league.” This is true, however, Curry was one of the main advocates for the signing of Durant.
Another question is if Kevin Durant will improve the Warriors enough give them a ring in this upcoming NBA championship.
If there is another matchup for the Cavaliers, and the Warriors in the finals then Potts predicts, “The warriors had a solid starting five and traded away their bench for KD (Kevin Durant), the Cavs will still have a great bench and LeBron James beats out Durant in his position so the Cavs still have the upper hand.”
It currently appears that the Warriors and Cavs will be the finals contenders for the third year in a row, people believe that Durant will be good enough to beat the championship Cavs, while others believe the Cavs are still better.
In regards to the Kevin Durant signing, is the nobility of his choice? Is he a traitor for leaving OKC, or was it a smart career decision?
Wenger argues that it was not a noble thing to do, and that he abandoned OKC even though they were a championship caliber team.
Wenger said, “John Stockton didn’t leave Utah in the nineties for the bulls.” He was in a very similar situation. Stockton got beat in the finals by the bulls back to back times, but still stayed loyal to the Jazz through and this was the noble thing to do. If Stockton had joined the bulls he would have gotten a ring, Kevin Durant has made his decision, and what the team becomes is up in the air.

KEvin Durant

Lane credits brother for tennis interest


by Nicholas Runyon – Staff Reporter

Tennis is a pretty fun sport to watch. It is cool going to one of the games and hearing the sound of the ball hitting the racquet giving us nostalgia from years ago, playing WII sports with siblings. The boys tennis team has done pretty good in previous years, unfortunately right now our tennis team is not doing too well, they have lost all their matches so far but they definitely have a chance to catch up.
Brendon Lane, one of the players on the tennis team was interviewed, he was asked when he started playing tennis, Lane said “I started playing tennis a few years ago but didn’t really get into the sport until my freshmen year.” What do you enjoy most about tennis? “I enjoy playing the game with my friends when it’s really relaxed and we can just enjoy playing the game.” Said Lane. While watching the games it is easy to see how much the players enjoy the playing. When asked who his role model was, Lane said “My role model is my older brother because he was the one that got me into tennis and when I was just starting I wanted to get to the point where I was as good as he was, which pushed me to keep playing and get better.” How do you like to prepare for tryouts. “I prepare for tryouts by going out a few weeks before the season starts and practicing with my brothers.” He said. What are some of your goals for this season? Lane said “Some of my goals for this season are to make it higher up on the ladder and to get my varsity letter at the end of the season.” What is your best/worst memory of playing tennis? “My worst memory of playing tennis is when my doubles partner was serving and he hit the ball into the back of my left ear.” He said.
Coach Fredericks was also interviewed, he told me that the reason he coaches tennis is because “Tennis is a good sport, it’s a life sport. You have good kids who play. It’s just an enjoyable, outdoor sport”. When asked how long he has been coaching he said “at Kentlake I’ve been coaching for five years”. One of his best memories of coaching he said was “we played Mt Rainier. It was a great and exiting match. We got 7-6 in the third set, it was just really fun doing it.” How do tennis practices go and how he makes sure to help everyone? he told me that: “while doing drills we go through all six courts and we rotate the courts to make sure I can help everyone” lastly, he was asked how they do tryouts for the tennis team “it’s actually a ‘no cut’ sport, so as long as they come ready for practice there on the team. We get lots of people at various skill levels so we always start with the basics.” Fredericks said.
After watching some games, everyone can see how hard their players play. Let’s see how the rest of the season goes.

Falcons beat Royals, remain undefeated


by Jett Gonzales – Staff Reporter

The football team is off to a great start this year. Although it is very early in the season, they are already thinking about this word “championship.” When asked if the team had a legitimate chance of winning a championship this year, coach Thompson responded “We’ve got great talent, but we have to play disciplined football and take it game by game.” Jordan Rosado, guard for the Falcons, believes that the team has a “strong chance.”
One trait about this team that sticks out is the amount of talent it has. Names like Mitchell Lockhart, Brandon Kelly, Eddie Edwards, who had a spectacular 69-yard run against Auburn Mountain View, Larry Alar, who leads the team in interceptions, Trask Rogers, Marques Fuala’au and Tony Heiman are all exceptional players, but these are just a few of the many talented players on this team. The team is currently four and zero, which is the start that this team needs that can lead them all the way.
This year’s team may be filled with talent, but how will future teams stack up. When asked if they will continue to be contenders in future years, coach Thompson responded “I believe we will. The Freshman work incredibly hard.” When asked about talented players on this team coach Thompson mostly named off the Seniors and Juniors, but several names came up from the sophomore and freshman classes. Names such as Hudson Potts, Jeremiah Wood, Alec Johnson and Timothy Engstrom.
This team is extremely dedicated, but when coach Thompson and Jordan Rosado were asked to describe this year’s team in one word, these two powerful words came up. “Resilient” and “Strong.”
So far they have truly embodied these two words, and will continue to for the rest of the season.