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  • Pokęmon go or no – FAIL

    by Jessica Pahutski – Staff Editor Ever since its release back in July, Pokémon GO has skyrocketed Pokémon’s popularity to levels not seen since 1998. It seemed that, at least for a while, it was everywhere. People walking down the street, across the street, into oncoming traffic…Quite literally everywhere. It was inescapable. When Pokémon GO first came […]

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  • Dakota access pipeline ruins sacred grounds; protesters rally

    by Madison Marko – Opinion Editor Native Americans throughout the country have been protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline since its approval in late July. On Sept. 3, a peaceful protest was turned into a bloodbath when the pipeline’s security guards began violently attacking the demonstrators. The Dakota Access Pipeline is a $3.7 billion pipeline that is […]

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  • Freshman retreat, opportunity for freshman to bond as falcons

    by Reonna Haywood – Staff Reporter The Freshman Retreat was held Sept. 22 and 28 at Lake Retreat The retreat focuses on helping freshman to feel welcome at school, and on the core values that Falcons should emulate including: family, attitude, leadership, commitment, ownership, never give up, and sportsmanship. Throughout the day, the freshmen participate in […]