Persinger revels in arts and outdoors during free time

(Originally from the October issue of TFF, published Oct 12, 2015.)

by Lauren Killgrove – Staff Reporter

Jolai Persinger is a relatively new science teacher and cross country coach who started last year. She teaches Robotics and Integrated Sciences 1-2.

Persinger has many interests, such as hiking and cooking. Her favorite place to hike is Wallace Falls, and she often likes to go with a group of friends. Persinger also enjoys running, as why she became a cross country coach.

As she is the cross country coach, Persinger does enjoy running and athletic activities. Persinger has done a variety of different activities, such as running a half marathon, done a mile swim, and a 56 mile bike ride. “Whenever I’m ready for it.” Persinger said.

Outside of hiking and running, Persinger also enjoys cooking. She enjoys making food with pumpkin or any other types of squash and mimicking a variety of food. Persinger has made pizza and ravioli.

Those are only a few of the types of dishes she has made. Though Persinger enjoys the activity, she plans to only keep her cooking as a hobby.

Another one of Persinger’s interests is reading. “I try to every night, just to detach myself from my phone, or the T.V. or lights.” Persinger says when describing her reading habits. Persinger enjoys sci-fi and fantasy books, mainly science types of books, with Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You as one of her favorites.

Persinger is currently working on her Masters in S.T.E.M. Integration. S.T.E.M. represents Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. When finished with her Masters, she will continue teaching and will help teaching with the classroom and keeping 21st century skills relevant in the classroom.

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