GOP debates entertain rather than inform

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(Originally from the October issue of TFF, published Oct 12, 2015.)

by Benjamin Huff – Staff Reporter

The Republican Presidential debates perform very much like a circus show; both have ring leaders, various attractions, and a whole bunch of money on the line. Media outlets like CNN, and Fox News, have succeeded in seizing the eyes of the general public; Fox alone generated a record breaking 24 million viewers and created a 3.2 million event related tweets, according to research done by Ad-Week.

Much of this publicity is due to the rivalry between Donald Trump, and most of his political adversaries, providing a fiery competition that keeps people biting their nails. But the “debating” that Trump does amounts to him spewing about Mexicans as no good criminals, and females only being prized chattel. The big question is, what is actually being debated?

One thing that is bothersome is just how many candidates have had slipups and terrible insight on important issues. They do not worry about getting their facts straight, but instead lash out in a grand free-for-all. Both Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Ben Carson have stated that people should only use the “necessary” vaccines when, according to a study done by the New York Times, out of at least 14 preventable diseases children are vaccinated against, all their vaccines are necessary.  Although Carson himself might be a seemingly promising candidate, some fail to see that promise because of this simple error, whether by misinformation or by accidental communication.

The spotlight is not on how capable or incapable these people are as politicians, but rather how funny or stupid they can act on the stage, while being filmed by multi-million dollar news organizations who get heaps of funds from the general populace who fall for the trap. It is not like the problem lies exclusively with the GOP. The debates have turned from determining who is best qualified for the job as chief executive of our nation, into a grand spectacle.

Candidate Carly Fiorina gets attention because she seems to want to fight almost the entire world; the Chinese, the Russians, and the Iranians. The buzz coming from the debates’ results, have basically amounted to the zingers that Trump gave and received. When, for example Trump addressed Jeb Bush, he said, “Your brother gave us Barack Obama,” Trump said. The Rolling Stones, CNN, USA Today and other news outlets have focused on mainly the problems behind the logic of the candidates rather than the glimmer of hope they could project.

People who watch the debates need to realize they are simply feeding the corporate machine. The people of the United States deserves better political candidates. Society needs to open its eyes and see that people like Trump and Fiorina are getting somewhere in the political system simply because they are entertaining, not because they are viable candidates for president.

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