Elizabeth Frye compares culture in America to that of Japan

Photo by Kalani Martin - Photo Editor
Photo by Kalani Martin – Photo Editor

(Originally from the October issue of TFF, published Oct 12, 2015.)

by Katelyn GriffithStaff Reporter

Sophomore Elizabeth Frye has spent most of her life living on an army base in Japan. “Living in Japan is actually not much different than living in America.” Frye said.

Frye has lived in a stricter environment compared to most. There are some differences culture wise. “It’s a lot more diverse.” Frye said.

Living on an army base is very different from living in an average neighborhood. There are some things that will take some adjustment. “It’s a lot more strict, they’re all about dress codes and you have a lot more rules to follow. Also it’s easy to get in trouble” Frye said.

Another thing that comes with living on an army base is the population. “There’s a lot of people coming in everywhere.” Frye said.

The school systems in Japan and America have some major differences. “The system is completely different” Frye said. One of the differences are that there are more opportunities to explore different places. “There are a lot of opportunities to travel to the North West.” Frye said.

Frye has not been in America very long but believes that American schools are very different than schools in Japan. “School is just different with the way it works, it’s a lot less diverse.” Frye said.

So far she is not involved with any sports or after school clubs but she is planning on joining the track team in the spring.

Frye is open to finding opportunities to get involved. “I’m still trying to find any clubs to join, I’m not sure which ones I’d like to join” Frye said.

With the various clubs at school she is trying to find something that interests her. After graduating she is planning on going to college to study law. Her options are open but “University of Washington is definitely an option or any Ivy League school.” Frye said.

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